Let’s make a deal


Let’s make a deal R** * M********

Now that we have the apology issue out of the way (let’s face it, there is only one of the two of us that should be apologizing for anything anyway). I’ll make you a deal.

let’s start with some of my OPINIONs on a few things. This is just a small portion of what’s really going on, but we don’t have all day.

  • You feel you are doing nothing more then advocating for education, and that you have fixed many terrible and outrageous wrong doings. You are not, and have not In anyway fixed anything.
  • You feel that you are being attacked for doing nothing more then using your legal rights, but what you are really doing is so much more then that. 99.9% of what you do is damaging to the system as a whole.
  • You feel that you are being bullied by… Well everyone, but you are not. People are standing up to what they know is wrong, and that just happens to be almost everything you do.
  • You feel you are being harassed by members of the community. You are in fact the one harassing, and no matter how much you deny it, it is still a fact.
  • You feel everyone everywhere is out to get you, and that is simply not true. You have created this environment around you that has brought all forward progress to a halt, and people see that now. They don’t want to have anything to do with it. They want you to stop.
  • you feel you have done things to benefit every child in this school system, but you could not be farther from the truth.

In your efforts to “advocate for education” you have caused serious damage to the special education programs, and general education programs in Schiller Park School District 81, this is a fact. This damage was in fact not do to any “substandard practices” by any current or past employee of the District, but created by your particular type of advocacy.

People seem to not want to work in this district, and this is (in my opinion based off of what I have seen) do to your endless involvement through fabricated situations, and endless issues. Thousands of people advocate for their children’s education on a daily basis, that is at its core a good thing, but when that advocacy goes to far, and splinters off into some sort of pathological need to find and persecute wrong doings that never even existed it pushes people away. Good honest hard working and well qualified teachers, and staff who would rather leave then take any chances. People want to feel safe at work, and do what they love without feeling that at any minute someone will fabricate a complaint that could permanently damage their career, despite their never having actually done anything wrong. You are not the only advocate for education in this district, and yet you are the only one in this District with this many issues. It’s a never ending cycle of one thing after another, and people don’t want to have any part of those situations, and career damaging false accusations.

The simple fact of the matter is that you are wrong, and your concept of how to repair or fix your perceived issues is wrong, and your actions do little more then worsen the situation for every other child in this School District.

That leads me to my deal, or in your case my challenge. If you stand up in front of the School Board at this evenings meeting during the public participation portion and make an apology I will stop posting the facts of your miss-deeds. You must apologize for all the trouble you have caused, and ask the Board to share that apology with every staff member in School District 81. Make that apology, with the added promise to everyone that from that point forward you will do everything in your power to cease all disruptive activities for the remainder of your time with School District 81. If you can do that, if you can make an effort to re-evaluate how you advocate for education, and accept that the way you have been advocating is not working I will move on to more positive topics for this blog.

I repeat, if you can make the apology detailed above, and as long as you maintain that change I will stop posting about you on my blog.

I look forward to your answer at public participation during this evenings School Board meeting.

Please do not counter offer with any alternative deals or challenges. School District 81, including all of its Children, and staff are the ones that deserve the apology not you and your wife. 


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