Parent group brings smiles to community children


The award winning ABC parent group has their second annual Picnic this weekend at Lincoln middle school. I was not able to attend the event last year, but I have heard from many it was a massive success. I asked a few of the people who told me about the event to describe what they mean by a massive success. The answer was simple “Large amounts of smiling happy families, and the laugher of children at every turn”. That sounds like a success to me, and one I look forward to seeing for myself this year.

Bounce houses, pie throwing, a dunk tank, inexpensive food, and hopefully the return of a fire truck shooting lots of water for kids to play in being the source of the fun. The grand kids and I will be there, and I hope to see the rest of the town sharing in the fun.

This event is just one of many events that are put on yearly by the ABC Parent Group of Schiller Park School District 81. For more information you can find the ABC group on their Facebook Page here.

There is also Booster clubs for band, and the Athletics departments of School District 81 that have many wonderful events throughout the year. All of these groups seem to be focusing on bringing the community, and it’s schools closer together, and I am excited to see what the future holds for Schiller Park School District 81.


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