What happens when David Stachura can not answer questions?


See for yourself here. June 17th 2015 School Board Meeting video.

Well ladies and gentleman it seems David C Stachura can’t handle being asked questions. Was he not coached properly by his handler and “Spin Doctor” Mr McCampbell?

Things went badly for Mr Stachura last night when the remaining board members in attendance (John Kowalski was absent) started asking questions of David Stachura’s odd voting behavior, and to his rescue not long after the meeting his good friend Roy F McCampbell (go here for a helpful reminder). The posts by Mr McCampbell on many of his numerous Facebook pages stated the following –


If you take a few minutes to watch the past few meeting videos you will see the truth in comparison to some of the lies Mr McCampbell posted on his pages. It has been reported to me that Mr McCampbell was in fact in the audience of this meeting and as we all know he takes many notes. Therefor Roy McCampbell is very aware of the falsehoods and misleading half truths of his social media posts. The proof sits publicly for all to see in the BOE Meeting videos. To his credit he did get one point correct, and there is now a second assistant principle of Kennedy School. When I asked the reason for the appointment from a few readers the general response was as follows. -The size of the population at the school. That combined with the age of the students. Also number of staff required to run a school that large. This schools population is 2-3 x the population if our other schools.  All of these issues combined required another assistant.- seems like the safety of the students is at the top of the priority list.

Let’s rewind to the last School Board meeting when David Stachura brought up a news article about the Issues the College of Dupage is having and the involvement of our School District’s Current Legal council. At the 2:57 mark of the May 27th meeting video found here. David Stachura clearly said he had a question, and went on to describe what he read as “a misappropriation of billing” he said that “they made money as a middle man”. Fanczek & Radelet being the they he was talking about.

Now let us jumping forward a month to the current meeting. David Stachura had the opportunity to ask the firms representative (Darcy Kriha) a few questions during the public participation portion of the meeting. He stated that he didn’t have any questions. He also stumbled a few times in an attempt to form an answer when he was reminded that last meeting he stated he had questions. That marks the beginning of the end of David Stachura’s involvement in the June 17th meeting. Board member Hargus added some thoughts on the subject apparently taking Mr Stachura’s lead and doing some internet searches for news articles, and shared his results. In the end he asked David Stachura if he can explain why he would choose an article that was so obviously not an issue to bring up as a reason to find new legal counsel. Board member Hargus stated that David Stachura and Patricia Godziszewski so blindly ignored so many issues with the previous legal counsel of Ancel & Glink, and he just couldn’t wrap his head around the thought process. David Stachura replied something along the lines of “I’m not going to answer your question”. He was reminded by Board president Desecki that he indeed said he had questions last meeting. Obviously very flustered he refused to speak further.

Moving forward to the 28:30 mark things get confusing. There is very obviously no “bullying” or “heckling” happening by the other board members before he walked out of the meeting and his duties as an elected official. He was unable to answer the valid questions of the rest of the board, and seemingly felt leaving the meeting was his only option.

As usual do not take my word for it. The proof is presented as always on this page. To call the actions of the remaining School Board members “Bullying” and “Heckein” is ridiculous.

David Stachura does not care about the tax payers of Schiller Park, and he does not care about the Students and staff of School District 81. He cares only for himself, and his political position in the community. The school Board meetings are nothing more then a podium for him to take a political stance. As one of the Board stated he is doing nothing more then political grand standing.

Shame on you David C Stachura. Shame on you.

Stand up, and speak out. Find the real truth, and do not simply take the words of others as your guide to finding that truth.


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