Did the quartet just become a quintet?


Who is the quartet you ask? Well it is non-other then Roy McCampbell, David Stachura, Patricia Godziszewski, and Mary Jane Goldthwaite.

Now you are wondering who came along to make it a quintet? I’m glad you asked. Some of you might add that the newest addition to the McCampbell Crew is not a new addition at all. In Fact she has been a thorne in the side of just about everyone in this community (and a few others) for many decades. Whether they know it or not, and even longer then the rest of the group by a long shot. More recently with the help and guidance of Mr McCampbell, and Mr Stachura in their efforts to swing the vote of the retired crowd during the most recent election.

I am talking about the chief of all chiefs, the Mac to everyone’s daddy, the queen bee of all the bees, the president of the board herself, none other then the indominable Irene Moskal Delguidice.

Not a political movement happens in this town without this fabulous young lady weighing in with her vastly one sided and heavily self inflated opinion. In fact I am not completely convinced she actually has her own opinion at all and she simply just parrots the thoughts of others. In this case Mr McCampbell, and David Stachura.

Some of you might be asking if this is the same lady that Allegedly (edited for accuracy after the error was brought to my attention through review) tried to have the Loaves and Fishes organization shut down a few months ago, and reportedly tried to do the same to the ABC Parent Group? Well my answer would be a resounding yes to both (on a side note both of those organizations are still around no thanks to her efforts). She is also the same lady that gave a very moving speech at a School Board meeting (18 March 2015, here at the 1h 26m Mark) were she spoke of her time on the Schiller Park School Board, and soundproofing. I believe she also stated during the same meeting (While the board was in executive session) that she was going to have herself appointed to the Illinois School Board and end all of this. As you can see here she has not yet been appointed. 

Irene Moskal Del Giudice’s newest interests (with the help of Roy F McCampbell as I will show you in a moment) were demonstrated on June 23rd 2015  when she made a F.O.I.A. Request of School District 81 for the following items.

  1. All complaints filed against the district for the past 7 years, all documents leading to findings, and all official findings.
  2. All settlements agreed to by the District for the past 7 years.
  3. All itemized invoices from legal firms representing the district for the past 7 years.
  4. Communications between and among District employees, community members, and Board members pertaining to the 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 SD81 School Board Election.
  5. Copies of all administrator contracts for the past 7 years.
  6. All documents related to the sale of school bonds for the past 7 years.
  7. All Student Activity fund ledgers showing revenues and expenditures for the past 7 years.

I don’t know about anyone else but that list of requests looks, and sounds a lot like many if not all of the McCampbell requests ever made. Let’s go back to a few and take a look. Her request can be found here

Roy F McCampbell’s requests on the current F.O.I.A. log

Screen Shot 1

Screen Shot 2
http://www.sd81.org/bo/documents/Request14_021.pdf. <—- 35 part request

Screen Shot 3

http://www.sd81.org/bo/documents/Request_13-027.pdf <—- 74 part request, yes I said 74 part

Screen Shot 4
http://www.sd81.org/bo/documents/1FOIA13-020.pdf <—- 32 part request

Screen Shot 5

How about Mary Jane Goldthwaite’s, do they look any different? – No They are the same, but that would make sense, they live together. 

Screen Shot 6

How about a requests by Desi Guimon. – Nope, the exact same, starting to see a pattern.
http://www.sd81.org/bo/documents/13-021.pdf <—- 50 part request

Screen Shot 7

Maybe a requests made by Robert Murbach would be diferent? -Nope, also the same.  Well thats a bit more odd. 

Screen Shot 8

Now how about the Irene Moskal Del Giudice F.O.I.A. again? Does its page layout, and formatting of the questions look any different? Almost the exact same, but it was supposedly the requests of a different resident?

Screen Shot 9

F.O.I.A. requests made by five different people all looking and sounding the exact same, my money would also be on the 66 F.O.I.A. Requests made by David C Stachura in the past look a lot like the ones shared above. Sadly the archive does not share copies of those requests. Found here

What sort of Tom Foolery is this? How many people does Roy F McCampbell write Freedom of information act requests for? Or is Mr Roy F McCampbell using these people to further his own vengeful agenda because he didn’t want to give the impression of harassing the school district? If he writes requests such as these under different peoples names did he think it would give the impression of problems within the School District?

Additionally, is he really taking advantage of an elderly woman to further his own agenda? I guess if he was doing such a despicable thing she would be the perfect one to use. Irene Moskal Del Giudice is the type that will talk about how terrible something is without actually knowing any facts about the subject she is talking about. She will enter any event she chooses to attend and start telling stories of things she has heard. In most cases she isn’t even close, and wasn’t even there. She will share tales of horrible deeds and say how when I was on the board I would not have allowed this to happen. When anyone attempts to share their side of the story she doesn’t allow a single word. She will cut you off in the middle of your sentence and repeat the exact same story or pieces of the story she just shared. Yes I have had many dealings with Irene Moskal Del Giudice over the years, and a lot like Mr McCampbell I had really hoped she would have settled into a quiet retirement by now.

Then there is this guy, Kenneth Zurek of Franklin park. A Newcomer to F.O.I.A requests at School District 81(Found here), a recent 2015 candidate for Franklin park Trustee (who was removed from the ballot for collecting signatures before the legally allowed time frame <— Info found here), and a reportedly unlicensed CPA. Wait, did I forget to mention he is a disbarred attorney?

Case Name and Number: In re Kenneth Paul Zurek, 99CH0045 (One of multiple dispositions on this case)
Disposition: Disbarment
Effective Date of Disposition: 09/19/2002
End Date of Disposition: No disposition end date scheduled at this time. Discipline continues until further order of the Court.
Definition of Disposition: Disbarment is a determination that the lawyer has engaged in misconduct warranting the most serious sanction. The disbarred lawyer is not authorized to practice law during the period of the disbarment and may not return to the practice of law unless and until he or she has demonstrated his or her rehabilitation, good character, and current knowledge of the law in a subsequent reinstatement case, which may not be filed until five years after the effective date of the disbarment.

Info found here

He has also been sued for defamation? Info found hereHe really does seem to be living up to his nickname “The McCampbell of Franklin Park”, and now he is also interested in Schiller Park School District 81? Is he friends with the McCampbell quintet, or just a newly found crony?

I am continually amazed at the connections, and “Coincidences” a person can find when they look. The back door dirty deeds seem to have been going on for many years, and will not stop until we as a community make our voices heard.


5 thoughts on “Did the quartet just become a quintet?

  1. If I’m not mistaken, the FOIA Policy allows for some free documentation but, after a certain number of pages, the requestor is required to pay for the documentation (copies & staff time) and reproduction of said documents. Is the School District charging the requestors or is this being given away for free? The public is entitled to know how much the requestors are costing the School District. Irritating requestors knows that repeated FOIA requests require staff time and use of SD81 resources and as I see it, only an additional form of harassment to the SD81 Administration.


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