Accountability of the media.


A wise person once stated that “the truth will set you free.” A freedom sorely needed today in a world polluted with lies, and a community miss-informed daily.

A deadly and legitimate issue is at our door, venomous discharges spewing upon us from the mouths of people disguising themselves as well meaning honest community members defending the tax payers of Schiller Park . A climate change requiring a change of heart, not a change of fuel is needed. We need to stop fueling the Lies, and the liars. We need to force honesty and integrity on those who are in a position of distributing information to the public. We need to entice a change of heart from those who openly share those lies.

Community news outlets are charged with a great trust. A trust bestowed on them by the community members who use those outlets for the gathering of information often used in decision making processes. But what can we do when those news outlets share lies, or damaging miss-information? What can we do when articles or letters are posted in a paper that have no other purpose then to miss-guide the public?

Most modern papers have a letters to the editor section. Letters to the editor are one of the oldest free speech venues for public opinion in the United States. They go back to the times of the revolutionary war. The Chicago Tribune aptly calls Letters to the Editor “Voice of the people“. I’m sure these sections of our papers have been misused since the beginning, but why do we have to accept that as being ok? Why can’t we hold the papers that post the “letters to the editor” accountable for what they post? Many would call it freedom of the press, but does freedom of the press mean freedom to lie?

Does ‘freedom of the press’ mean the news outlets can say or write anything they want? Unless restricted by a valid prior restraint (which is rare), the news media are free to publish any information or opinion they desire. This freedom, however, does not immunize them from liability for what they publish. A newspaper that publishes false information about a person, for example, can be sued for libel. Because such liability can be staggering, most journalists strive to exercise their freedom to publish in a responsible and ethical manner.

Far to often we hear in disbelief as blatant falsehoods are spewed from the people we should have trust in telling the truth, or from the sources that are supposed to be impartial, and honest. Sharing both sides of every story all the while keeping the truth as their main agenda. What can we do when a “Voices of the people” venue is used to spread falsehoods amongst the community?
Mankind is far to often blinded by the flash of their vain “selfie” moments and agendas, with moral restraint waning away with little accountability, but what if that lack of moral restraint comes from someone who described themselves as “A veteran teacher at Leyden high school”? That was how Patricia Godziszewski described herself in a recent letter to the editor. A letter that many readers were shocked and appalled to read, one that was filled with hateful words and accusations. In that letter Patricia stated in very dramatic form that she wanted to share her personal dismay at behavior she continues to witness.

When Patricia Godziszewski wrote to people and places she shared many of her thoughts and observations. As usual many of them were somewhat accurate or truthful but stretched and altered slightly to add to her actual reason for writing the letter, and others were just flat out wrong. She has proven during her “1term” that the things she states in her letter as being disrespectful she is in fact egregiously guilty of doing herself. The intention of her letter was to use the only local media outlet Schiller Park has to further her personal attack on this community and its tax paying residents.

She used People and Place to knowingly target the readership of the paper that do not have the ability to attend or view the meetings to see for themselves. She offers internet links to those she knows will most likely not have the ability to see those sites. She states that she is a teacher and parishioner of a local church in order to gain the readers trust. She states that she has attended many local meetings in an attempt to establish herself as a valid and honest source of information. This is not the first time we have heard Godziszewski stretch the truth in this way, but how can we hold the news paper that posted her letter accountable for helping to spread her miss-information and lies? In another section awkwardly titled “SHOUT OUT! – Call in your Opinion” the paper continues to allow miss-information for political gain to permeate its pages, and no doubt contribute to its rising tabloid rag status.

We all need to respond to the paper on our own. Send in our own letters to the editor, and share the truth. Share the things that Patricia Godziszewski, her friends Dave Stachura, and John Kowalski have actually done to defend the children and tax payers of this community.

People and Places Newspaper
Serving Leyden Township
4303 N. Atlantic Avenue
Schiller Park, IL 60176
Phone: 847-260-5670
Fax: 847-678-2939
Open Forum: 847-624-1413

If those don’t get printed, and it’s very possible they will not we can also ask the editor for a retraction of the letter the she posted, with an apology to the community for allowing a letter that called many residants “jihadists” or terrorists. If that doesn’t work and it may not we can simply stop reading the paper. Call the companies that advertise in “the mayors paper” and explain that they are advertising in what some are starting to call a tabloid rag that allows the community to be insulted, and let them know that the paper is in fact one sided, and biased in its sharing of community news.

Let us all not forget that this paper although not run by the village of Schiller Park is in fact run by its mayor. The paper seemingly took a no news stance during the last election of witch the editor/mayor had a tremendous stake in, and remained silent about all things political until this disturbingly inaccurate letter by Patricia Godziszewski (the second disturbing letter written by her). The People and places paper is not new to sharing false information, and the political agendas of some, but also not entirely ignoring those making a stand in defense of the truth. Others have posted letters to the editor in the past including David Stachura. A letter he failed miserably to live up to, and some more by Mr Kowalski himself.

let’s hope the editor will share some responses by the community this time around, and help balance the scales of truth and lies a little more In favor of the truth.


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