The abuse of Irene

Because one individual can share things she knows nothing about, but can’t take or handle the truth we should all treat her with kindness? Well I personally treat those with kindness that have treated me or mine equally. I give respect where respect is do, and it is not due this person simply based off of how I see her treat others, but with that I respect her past, and contributions to the community. The contributions of the past however do not validate the actions of the present. I also discount every word that is spoken currently as only the repeated ramblings of her friends, and not the thoughts of her own mind.

I do also feel sorry for the lady who I do have a modicum of respect for, but she is nothing more then a political pawn of those who call themselves her friends. They are taking advantage of her past achievements to strentghen their own image for the purpose of destroying others.

Shame on you for abusing an elderly woman in this manner, and for taking advantage of her in this way! I only wish she saw the truth. They feel what is being said about her is a horrible injustice, but how about what her friends do and say about others? What does she think of that, or does she even know?


2 thoughts on “The abuse of Irene

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