Late night ruminations


Insomnia has its perks. Sometimes we can find ways to reflect at the oddest of times.

When I first started this blog I had one goal, and that was to try and do something good, maybe give a little bit of change a gentle nudge in the right direction. The problem was I didn’t know how I was going to go about accomplishing that. I was new in town and didn’t really know what was really going on, but I jumped in head first and with that was born. Things started out very differently than they are today, it just flowed, and continued to evolve week after week. Some of that evolution I liked, But some of it I feel was drifting in the wrong direction.

People send me stories all the time, examples of situations and things that are happening, and I tend to take some of it personally. I also don’t really know any of the people that send me stories but after so many conversations I start to feel a connection, and when you read the hurt and hear the lies and destructive rumors being spread I often want to strike back.

Now in my recent posts on my blog I acted on my personal feelings and allowed my message to slip a little. I do not regret anything I have said, but I merely want to get back on track and keep my message true.

The most recent subject that has caused me to get off track has been Irene Moskal Del Giudice. I drifted in my reporting of what I was hearing because it was just all so terrible. What was and is being done to her by Roy F McCampbell, David Stachura, but I also couldn’t figure out how someone with her reputation for public service would try and shut down a program that feeds homeless people. That led me to some rather unfair comments, but the truth is the truth. In that particular post Roy F McCampbell wrote a F.O.I.A. for her (post found here), and in her name. Nothing illegal there, just interesting how many people are his puppets, and now an elderly lady who is loosing touch with what is really going on, and her proper place in politics. She is no longer on any board in this town, but demands things from everyone including the Mayor like she is in charge of the place.

Lets put aside all of our personal feelings for Irene, she has contributed greatly in her own way to the surrounding community. She has volunteered more of her personal time than most of us can even begin to imagine. I will also not sit here and tell you that all of what she has done has been perfectly wonderful or great because I really don’t know if that is the case, and the fact that I think her recent public displays are confused and erratic at best is just not even relevant to my message. What is relevant is that she is being used, and despite what I or anyone else think of her personally her standing in this community is being hijacked for the personal gain of others.

When a group of people looses credibility in the larger population they tend to seek out someone who still has some to spare, and then they try and bring them into their group. Irene is that person for Roy McCampbell, and David Stachura. Irene has enough credibility in this community to go around, and that is what those who call themselves her friends really want. They are taking advantage of her trusting nature, and her willingness to listen (to some) and trying to gain the trust people have in her for their own.

Nobody wants the person or people they empathize with to be hurt, but one thing I have to remind myself all the time is to stay on point. To not let The evil people corrupt my soul, and that got me to thinking what does staying on point mean when it comes to my blog?

In the context of how I present information on here staying on point means truth based on facts. Occasionally mixing in opinions based off of those truths and some satire for fun. I want to also provide the tools for the readers to be able to verify what I am calling facts.

Now while I was sitting here thinking about all of this and going through my normal process of creating a post I had decided to start my next one with the headline of “The sad state of affairs in Schiller Park”, but as I continued to think about that, and the rest of the article I realized the state of affairs in Schiller Park is really not sad at all.

There is really good things going on in this town, and there are really good people involved with making those things happen. The problem on my end is that I was letting the evil people have too much power. I have said it many times before but these people only have the power we give them. Something happens when you let the negative and evil people start to gain too much ground in your heart. It starts to change your message, and I just can’t let that happen. The message of truth is all that matters to me.

The wonderful thing about the presentation of truth is that The people who it exposes have no way to fight it, so they resort to the things that are currently going on. We all know who they are, and that makes it much more disturbing.


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