A selfish declaration of unfairness.


Now might be a good time for Irene Moskal Del Guidice to take a moment from her busy schedule for some self-reflection. The world is not out for her destruction, and what I have said about her pales in comparison to what “Her friends” have said about others.

A video was recorded of the last village board meeting, and posted online. (Entire video found here). First I want to commend the community member that recorded it. The village does not record their meetings like the local school board does, and this individual took it on himself to try and share what the village has chosen not to. That is something that should change in my opinion, but that is a post for a different time. Even after a verbal attack by Irene Moskal Del Guidice (Pictured above) he continued to video the meeting.

During the video people spoke about a few issues that were of concern, and I don’t want to take away from those speeches. What was of particular interest to me was the speech by former village trustee Irene Moskal Del Guidice.

Right out of the gate (ten seconds into the video) she starts talking very angrily about how unfair the things that have been said about her on social media are. She tells everyone that they are all lies, and its going to cost her money fighting those lies. I am going to share the posts I have made discussing Irene Moskal Delguidice, and I would like to ask everyone to take a look at them again.

https://jamesjtompson.wordpress.com/2015/07/01/did-the-quartet-just-become-a-quintet/ <— poked a bit of fun at her larger then life personality. Queen bee and all that.


https://jamesjtompson.wordpress.com/2015/07/18/needs-your-attention/ <— A bit of satire in this post, but the meaning is still valid.


Can someone please share with me what parts of those posts were lies? Is it not true that she has volunteered large amounts of time in and around this community? Is it not true that she has been on many boards in and around this community? Is it not true that many people of this community still have respect for her? Is it not true that she is very forceful in her opinions (the video speaks to that)? Is it not true that she often will not listen to anyone that disagrees with her? Is it not true that David Stachura, and Roy F McCampbell consider themselves her friends? And is it not true that Roy F McCampbell wrote her F.O.I.A. for her submission to the District officer of Schiller Park School District 81 (linked above)? I wont ask this as a question, but it is also true that she does not understand the subjects she speaks about, or the situation as it stands.

She stated more than once that what is being said about her is unfair, and all lies. What I really want to know from Irene Moskal Del Guidice is what she thinks of the things “Her friends” have said about everyone else in this town? Does she think it is OK for “Her friends” to try and destroy the reputations of people who have volunteered their time in this town like her, but with actual lies? “Her Friends” have said its abuse of the elderly, and that describes what “Her friends” are doing to the elderly and every other age person in Schiller Park. Another question I have is has she ever seen the other blogs in this town? or is the source of those blogs also the source of her knowledge?

Irene has also stated how she will not allow the School Board to allow the lies no matter who it is. What does the School Board have to do with anything I have said about her? I don’t work for the schools, so how does the School Board have any control over me? I know the answer though, even without asking. It is because “Her friends” have told her that’s who is writing my blog. They are telling her that with the attempt to manipulate her for the furthering of their own agenda, and to use her to get at the people who are trying to do some good.

At about one minute and twenty seconds she told the village board to start acting like humans and not garbage, and then at around three minutes she verbally attacks the person recording the video, and demands from the mayor that he be removed from the meeting.

I will not defend a woman who demands things of people with absolutely zero respect for them and their position. I will not defend a person who treats others the way she has been treating people lately, but I will say that what is being done to Irene Moskal Del Guidice is a disgusting and terrible thing, but it is not being done by me, not by anyone in the village, or the school board. Well wait, strike that, David Stachura is a School Board member, and one of the key manipulators. The other being Roy F McCampbell.

I will stand up for Irene when she stands up for more than just herself. I will defend her when she speaks of more than just what is unfair to her, and talks about what is also being done to so many others in Schiller Park.

If you are truly Irene Moskal Del Guidice’s friend show her the other blogs that have spread so many lies and hurt so many people. Show her the truth, and let’s see how she acts then. Who knows maybe she has seen them already, and knows full well the damage those blogs are trying to do to this community.

Censure David C Stachura


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