The Code of Conduct and David Stachura


As described on page 17 of section 2 – Board of Education in the Schiller Park School District 81 policy manual.

(Notes in italics added by me)

Each member of the Board of Education ascribes to the following code of conduct:

1. I shall represent all school district constituents honestly and equally and refuse to surrender my responsibilities to special interest or partisan political groups. Represent all school district constituents honestly and equally? I have only ever seen the representation of one family, and the older retired voting population of Schiller by David Stachura. In all of the Board of Edication meeting videos I have never once seen David Stachura address an issue that related to education itself. Never once have I seen David Stachura represent the children in general of School District 81. Please correct me if I’m wrong but are they not also constituents of this District? I would also like to add that his representation of the tax paying constituency of Schiller Park was poor at best despite his claims of fedutiary responsibility. 

2. I shall avoid any conflict of interest or the appearance of impropriety which could result from my position, and shall not use my Board membership for personal gain or publicity. Well this one is going to be hard to keep it short. The conflict of interest that plagued School District 81 can be simply summed up by Dave Stachura’s own words when he stated he was close personal friends with Mr McCampbell for 49 years. Additionally his relationship with various destructive and absurd local blogs is the worst violation of this item yet. 

3. I shall recognize that a Board member has no legal authority as an individual and that decisions can be made only by a majority vote at a Board meeting. This Item was a frequent violation of both Daveid Stchura and Patricia Godziszewski’s. The both of them as individuals did all they could to skirt this issue in every way.    

4. I shall take no private action that might compromise the Board or administration and shall respect the confidentiality of privileged information. As I stated above This item was broken every time a blog post was made. leaks of confidential information has been discussed for years, and will only continue. Our children and grand children’s private information is only safe do to the integrity of the staff of School District 81. 

5. I shall abide by majority decisions of the Board, while retaining the right to seek changes in such decisions through ethical and constructive channels. Judging By the frustration seen on the faces of the rest of the school board Dave isn’t using ethical, and constructive channels to seek change. A point of fact would be his reaction to appropriate questions directed at him during the last school board meeting. It appears to me from the outside that his fellow board members simply want to better understand what is going on.   

6. I shall encourage and respect the free expression of opinion by my fellow Board members and others who seek a hearing before the Board. This was also overlooked by David Stachura and Patricia Godziszewski alike. There was no encouragement or respect of free expression by either of them, and has only just started now because his influence over the board was removed when he was voted out of his presidents position of Schiller Park’s District School Board. The exercising of those rights by the rest of the board is still however met with disrespect to the Board and the community by David Stachura when he walks out of a meetings. Shirking his elected and sworn responsibilities. 

7. I shall be involved and knowledgeable about not only local educational concerns, but also about State and national issues. This has become a huge issue at recent meetings. David Stachura no longer participated actively in School Board meetings. Although he is present for the meetings he is very much not in the room. Putting him in the same category as John Kowalski.   

In addition, I shall encourage my Board to pursue the following goals:

1. The development of educational programs which meet the individual needs of every student, regardless of ability, race, sex, creed, social standing, or disability. I would like to be shown when and where David Stachura or John Kowalski has participated in the development of education in any way. All David Stachura has done was fulfill his obligation to show up to meetings, and cast a vote. It is my opinion that most of those votes go against helping develops education in Schiller Park.     

2. The development of procedures for the regular and systematic evaluation of programs, staff performance and Board operations to ensure progress toward educational and fiscal goals. My comments on this one mirror those above in number one. This last weekend the School Board held their annual retreat (here, and here) did he participate in any goal planning or team building? How much did he stagnate the entire flow of progress just with his presence? 

3. The development of effective Board policies which provide direction for the operation of the schools and delegate authority to the Superintendent for their administration. Again I have never seen any discussion of the development of Board policies. I have not seen anything other my own eyes at least, and I realize my eyes have not been everywhere, but I have viewed every last meeting video posted, and have had no confirmation that this has been discussed by David Stachura in any way. At least not during any open portion of any meeting. 

4. The development of systematic communications which ensure that the Board, administration, staff, students and community are fully informed and that the staff understands the community’s aspirations for its schools. Again this is a fine example of the opposite of what was done during David Stachura’s time as the Board President. Often communicating with individuals with no intention of including the rest of the Board, Staff, or Community.  

5. The development of sound business practices which ensure that every dollar spent produces maximum benefits. FAILED MISERABLY, on a counts in every way. This one and all those above.

I have stated this before, and I will do it again right now. The conduct of David Stachura currently and in the past could at a minimum be described as a dereliction of duty. His actions both alone, and in tandem with Patricia Godziszewski is A direct violation of his oath of office.

Censure David C Stachura


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