The truth, naked to the world.


The truth can be placed in the open; exposed naked to the entire world. The truth does not need any laws to protect it, and it does not need secrecy to protect it. The truth does not need evidence destroyed, nor does it need videotapes to be suppressed.

Only lies need secrecy; only lies need protection from laws. Only lies benefit from fear, secrecy, blackmail, gossip, and suppression of evidence.

For example, to determine the truth about the situation in School District 81, we only have to bring out all of the video recordings, the photographs, the documents, and the testimony of the witnesses to events. By letting us see everything, we will eventually figure out what is happening and who is a liar.

However, some people are trying to suppress video recordings, witnesses, analyses of events, and people (such as myself) through the use of suggestive questions, inappropriate and inaccurate connections, and character assassination. They attempt to destroy the good name of those who choose to be involved for the purpose of lessening their message or truth. This obstruction of evidence is proof that they are hiding something.

Nobody suppresses evidence or suppresses people if they are trying to spread the truth. The truth is supported with evidence. The more evidence we have, the more we can be certain of what the truth is. Therefore, to spread the truth, expose all evidence.

By comparison, if somebody is promoting a lie, he must suppress the particular people and information that expose the lie.

Lots of people and organizations claim to be “truth seekers”. However, if they were truly honest, they would encourage the sharing of the truth.

It is the ordinary, unknown citizens who pass out videos, books, and web sites. If this world improves, it will be because of those unknown citizens who are ignoring the large organizations and passing out the suppressed information to their friends and neighbors.

We spread the truth for the purpose of truth, and in defense of those being wronged by the individuals who choose to suppress that same truth.

Censure David C Stachura


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