Excellence In Education, Not Tainted By Political Influences?


The topic of a recent post on another blog:

Support Pat Godzezewski’s Advocacy for Excellence In Education Not Tainted By Political Influences In Schiller Park School District 81

Now after I was able to catch my breath that was lost during all the knee slapping laughter from reading that statement I decided to look into it further.

We all know the basics in regard to Patricia Godziszewski. She rarely if ever made a decision that benefitted education or the improvement or advancement of the schools in Schiller Park. She participated repeatedly in efforts to undermine the work being done by others working for the betterment of education for the children in Schiller Park. Raised legal expenditures significantly through her and David Stchura’s unending defense of one family. Almost single handedly caused the resignations of dozens of teachers and staff (with the assistance of David Stachura). I could go on all day but instead I’ll include some links to the high points of her time on the Schiller Park District 81 School Board.


Back to the above quote. “Support Pat Godzezewski’s Advocacy for Excellence In Education Not Tainted By Political Influences In Schiller Park School District 81”

I honestly couldn’t find any examples of Excellence in education. Not one single example of excellence, and by her own words in her recent letter to People and Places news paper she described herself as a veteran teacher at Leyden High School. Shouldn’t I be able to find one example of excellence from “A veteran” high school teacher? Especially a teacher that is being paid over 100,000 per year. (Details found here Godziszewski Pay Verification FY15 (2), here Godziszewski Pay Verification FY14 (1), and here Compensation-PGodziszewski) With that sort of compensation shouldn’t we as taxpayers, and those of you who have students attending the Leyden High School system expect more? I for one know I do, but why is the community not getting to the bottom of Patricia Godziszewski’s seemingly mediocre educational career in comparison to her compensation? Not one published example of educational excellence.

The quote from the other blog also stated that Pat Godziszewski is “Not Tainted By Political Influences In Schiller Park School District 81” I guess this isn’t really a lie as no political parties in Schiller Park would even consider being involved with Patricia Godziszewski, and honestly they just know better, because they know her.

Now with that being said I did find two campaign contributions, and one expenditure that I thought was interesting. I will also add that it didn’t take me very long to come up with the political influances of Patricia Godziszewski


Original document found here

We all have read about Ancel-Glink on this blog and through other media outlets, and most if not all of us are very familiar with the exceedingly high legal fees that firm brought to the tax payers of Schiller Park through David Stachura as the then School Board President, and Patricia Godziszewski as the then Vice President of School District 81. We know about the many private conversations, and the inappropriate legal expenses created by the two board members mentioned above. This is  basically a political donation to Patricia’s Campaign by a law firm that was forced on the School District by David and Patricia, and caused a drastic increase in legal fees through David, and Patricia. A law firm that was also on the cusp of being fired despite David and Patricia’s work against such a vote. The same firm that suddenly resigned very shortly before the vote would have been cast to fire them, and that same resignation letter was sent to the personal emails of David, and Patricia. That sounds a lot like politically tainted motivations to me.

How about a Polish news paper, Politicly tainted?


Original document found here

How about this little flip.


Original document found here

Yes it is an expenditure, and not a donation. I thought it was just a little odd that the Team 81 crew couldn’t find anyone local to design and create their campaign web site. In stead they turn to Tiffany N. Harrell the Marketing Manager and Graphic Specialist on the executive administrative staff of the Proviso Leyden Council for Community action. (www.plcca.org). Very possibly one of the largest political families in Proviso Township. The Harrell family, connected to the Children First Party through Francine Harrell who’s party received $500 each from the war-chests of Mayor Larry Dominick of Cicero; 92nd Dist. Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth, of Peoria and the SEIU Local 73 PAC. Proviso Township Supervisor Michael Corrigan also kicked in $500.

Other heavy-hitters to the Children First campaign of witch a Harrell family member was a part of included businesses, Restore Construction ($1,000) and M & M Building Services ($250), both vendors to the school district. Both companies were hired in the $5 million reconstruction of Proviso East High School after the May, 2014 fire.

Restore also donated to the war chests of area Mayors Ron Serpico and Angelo “Skip” Saviano of Elmwood Park; River Grove Village President Marilyn May; State Senator Luis A. Viverito and Leyden Township Committeeman Barrett Pederson. M &M donated to Serpico and Getty in the first reporting quarter.

Details here

Some more politically tainted motivations by Patricia Godziszewski?

Now I would like to add that the Harrell family seems to have done some pretty outstanding things in the past. This is not a question I have about them or their motivations, but more a question of how people like Patricia Godziszewski, David Stachura, and Roy F McCampbell so blatantly attempt to deceive the community at large through such lies as Patricia Godziszewski not being tainted by political motivations. She has no other motivations, and politics is their only game.

Patricia Godziszewski was never in this for the children and tax payers of Schiller Park School District 81.

Censure David C Stachura


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