Kathy Brant


I wanted to take a moment to share a really cool article I found a week or so ago on another blog. The article was being misused for another more evil purpose, but in a way I am glad it did. If it had not I would have never had the chance to read it, share it, and learn a few things I had not known.

Kathy Brant is the Communications Director for School District 81, in Schiller Park, Illinois, where she collaborates with the professionals in her learning community to produce the school’s award-winning website and superintendent’s blog, and all web communications. Reach her at KBrant@sd81.org.

That is her description on the web site campussuite.com, and I want to add that from what I know of her it does not cover what she does for Schiller Park’s Public School District.

In her article “5 steps to launching a superintendent’s blog for your school district” found on the campussuite.com web site she writes about the reasons and motivations for starting such a blog. She explains the mission and purpose of the blog and shares some of the success the blog has had. For example Dr. Boryszewski’s Superintendent’s Blog was recently honored with a 2014 Merit award from the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) for Excellence in Social Media.

I highly recommend everyone read the article at campussuite.com, and get to know one of the many fine staff of School District 81 just a little bit better.

Congratulations on the award to Kathy Brant, and I look forward to all the great things you and everyone else involved with this outstanding School District has in store for the future.

Please also follow the School Districts Twitter page @SPDistrict81 I believe this is also ran by Kathy Brant


Kathy Brant is not my “mom”, or the writer of my blog, but I am honored by all those that have said as much. I can not think of a higher honor then to be compared to such fine citizens of this and other communities. It is truly a privilege and an honor.


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