Dr Patricia M Godziszewski


Not so fast let’s not get crazy.  But Dr is what some other teachers in that compensation bracket can use as a prefix to their names. Some with less then 21 years as a teacher to boot.

With a base salary of 107,791.00 and a total Salary of 140,259 (Source here, and here) she is at the top in School District 212 with one teacher position coming in above her. That of Dr Joseph Ruffolo at a base of 111,101.00 and a total salary of 141,272 with a doctorate and one more year of teaching experience then Patricia M Godzoszewski (Source here, and here). In addition to his Ph.D. from Loyola University in Administration and Supervision. He also has a Master in Curriculum Development from Concordia University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Physics from Illinois Wesleyan University. Is he an over achiever in his compensation bracket or is Patricia Godziszewski just a slacker riding out her time till retirement with repeated and unchanged class curriculum, and less then average performance? In the spirit of farness Patricia’s formal education consists of an undergraduate degree in Biology from DePaul University, and received a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from National Louis University. Not an education to be ashamed of I will add, but is it being put to good use, and are the tax payers of School Dostrict 212 getting what they are paying for? If you listen to the rumors the answer to that would be a big fat no, but I wont give weight to rumors here, especially ones with details being so serious, and a lack of verifiable proof.

Patricia Godziszewski has cost the tax payers of both School Districts 212, and 81 incredible amounts of money. Even worse due to her poor salary to value rating, and her missdeeds on the School Board of District 81. Some of us may have paid double.

Current Leyden District 212 teachers contract found here

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