Continuing the search


We ain’t found #%^*

Day two of my efforts to find examples of excellence in Patricia Godziszewski’s 21 year career as an educator.

During my second day trying I combed the Internet for the previously mentioned examples. In an attempt to increase the odds of finding something I used 13 search engines. Some are foreign language, some are multilingual, and some strictly English. I wanted to be complete in my efforts.
– Baidu Chinese, Japanese …… Nothing found.
– Bing, Multilingual …… Nothing found.
– DuckDuckGo, Multilingual …… Nothing found.
– Exalead, Multilingual …… Nothing found.
– Gigablast, English …… Nothing found.
– Google, Multilingual …… Nothing found.
– Munax, Multilingual …… Nothing found.
– Qwant, Multilingual …… Nothing found.
– Sogou, Chinese …… Nothing found.
–, Chinese …… Nothing found.
– Yahoo! Multilingual …… Nothing found.
– Yandex, Multilingual …… Nothing found.
– Youdao, Chinese …… Nothing found.

In Patricia Godziszewski’s 21 year career as an educator I have come up with nothing, zero, zilch, zip, nil, nought, nada. Not one example of a quality educator. I have however heard many complaints, and listened to many stories that to me are just scary. I encourage everyone to ask around. It won’t take long to hear what I have.

Stop letting Parricia Gidziszewski, David Stachura, and Roy McCampbell continue to pretend they know what’s best for this School District, and it’s children. Stop letting their vile influence continue to affect the future of your children. Let them know that their continued efforts to undermine the system will no longer be tolerated!

I will give one more try to find something. More to come on the subject, and again please share anything you as a reader might know.


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