A tremendous waste of time


The search for awards Pat Godziszewski may or may not have received started out as a post I intended to be a little humorous while making a point. People can brag all day about what they have done or the schooling they have taken but in the end the recognition of others is a better gauge for someone’s abilities then their own words.

I honestly expected to find something, I mean how many people can work for 20 years or more and never receive an award from anyone. The more I think about the situation I realize it’s not very humorous at all, and I have also come to the conclusion that looking for examples of excellence in the career of Patricia Godziszewski has been a tremendous waste of time. With all of her years as a teacher I honestly could not find even one example or proof of her abilities as a teacher.

Before I concluded my search for any commendations given Patricia Godziszewski I submitted a F.O.I.A. request to Leyden School District 212 for any records they may have of awards Patricia Godziszewski received during her 21 years as a teacher in District 212. My thought process was that most employers keep a file on their employees, and if that employer has awarded the employee anything it often goes into that file. Additionally there is times when an employer may keep a record of an award given an employee from an outside source. Since the employee in question works for a public organization some of those records would be public knowledge, and therefore subject to public request.

the results of the F.O.I.A. Are attached below


Some key points that bring me to my final conclusion.

Patricia Godziszewski has some higher education that should benefit her as a teacher, but does she use it? From the stories of people I have spoken with no.

Patricia Godziszewski has spent some time volunteering in the community, but for what reason? For the betterment of her surroundings, or herself?  A good portion of that time was spent on the School Board of School District 81, but what did she accomplish during that time? She helped raise the legal fees of the district more than any other person for starters. Pat Godziszewski only comes in second overall when you include other community members, specifically Roy F McCampbell, with his contributions to the Destruction of Schiller Park, and with David Stachura coming in at third. Hundreds of thousands in taxpayer funds waisted on power trips, micromanaging, and focusing on one family instead of supporting the entire staff and community.

Patricia Godziszewski through her continued abuse of the administration helped bring morale to an all time low, and significantly helped bring about the resignations of a record number of staff of District 81. The effects of those resignations will be felt by your children for years.

Patricia Godziszewski has spent more time trying to make the administration and staff look bad then she ever spent trying to help them do their job. Through her micromanaging of the superintendent to the belittling of the school’s teachers through accusatory letters and misguided attacks she has done more damage than good.

Patricia Godziszewski has described community members as “Jihadists” in one letter written to Schiller Parks People and Places news paper. In another letter written by her and David Stachura to the district’s lawyer she defended the actions of one bad seed resident over the good work of hundreds of staff.

Patricia Godziszewski makes over $140,000 a year as a science teacher at West Leyden with a master’s degree, but
she did not vote for the last teacher contract because she did not understand the contract. It was her job to understand, and she was continually unprepared.

Patricia Godziszewski is currently a teacher at the West Leyden high school. A point she uses often to gain some sort of respect with the community she is deceiving in an effort to gain sympathy to regain her seat on the District 81 School Board. Patricia Godziszewski and David Stachura distract people from the truth with lies and half-truths with no concern as to the effects it will have on the communities children.

Being a teacher is a noble profession one of the most noble in my opinion, but as in all professions there is bad examples. It has always been my opinion that Patricia Gidziszewski is the baddest of apples when it comes to teachers, and it’s time the community stops allowing her to guide the education of children in any capacity.


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