Lack of commitment


Yesterday I asked the audience members of the evenings Schiller Park School District 81 School Board Meeting to pay attention to a few things. Attitudes of a small few members (David, and John) to the others, new faces in the audience (Irene and her troops), the town harasser  (Roy) and his mini-meetings with Patricia Godziszewski. It’s hard to do any of that though when the individuals in question are not present. This is in fact not a bad thing, but it speaks to the larger issue.

Since I can not attend every meeting I normally have to wait on videos, and meeting minutes for information, but last night was not the norm. I received enough descriptions of the evenings events to form an accurate image for the purpose of a blog post.

Some of the main conspirators were in fact absent at last nights School Board Meeting. Almost the entire cast of characters. From the destructive, to the antagonistic. Only the Indicted ex government official living off the tax payer buck attended. No doubt to gather information for his libelous blog.

John Kowalski = Absent

David Stachura = Absent

Patricia Godziszewski = Absent (Maybe she is moving on to new chapters in her life?)

Roy F McCampbell = Present

Even the magnanimous Irene Del Guidice and her rumored posse were reportedly absent from sight.

When people are committed to a cause they drive forward through thick and thin to work towards their final goal no matter the resistance. Their end goal like David and Patricia’s is not always an honest or positive one, but they still fight on. That is a simple description of people who are committed to a goal. A description that does not describe the above individuals, or maybe the combined absences was all part of the plan sending McCampbell only to keep an eye on everyone. If so David Stachura, and John Kowalski decided to make another political statement in defense of their personal agendas, and disregarding the tenants of their oath to the community and its children.

Dave Stachura, John Kowalski, Patricia Godziszewski are not committed People whether their absences last night was planned or not. They are not committed to anything from what we can tell, and they are continuously stepping out on their oath in the name of personal comfort. So many times in the last few years they have chosen to simply not show up when they might be on the hook for some answers or could be put in a compromising position that they may not have been able to properly prepare for. The letter written by David, and Patricia is one good example, with back and forth abscesses from the two for months following the letters release. Another example would be David Stachura walking out of the last regular meeting because he was being asked questions.

On July 17th and 18th the School Board held an annual retreat. Topics included the following

  1. Financial Projections
  2. Review/Refine SD81 Goals, Board Practices, and Communications
  3. Management Resources Services/Team Building

Sounds a little important right? Guess who was reported to not be in attendance either day? You guessed it David C Stachura, and John Kowalski. I have not submitted the F.O.I.A. to verify this yet, but when I do I am confident it will prove to be true. 

How Committed to the children of Schiller Park is David Stachura, and John Kowalski? If you look at their record of attendance, and actions at board meetings the answer presents itself as a resounding not at all. If you add Patricia Godziszewski’s history with School District 81 you would find a trio of the most uncommitted individuals ever to grace the District. A School District of over 1300 children that are nothing more then a game of political chess to these individuals.


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