Pro Libertate


For liberty and for freedom

Today is the anniversary of the day that quite literally changed the world. The day that a group of terrorists tried to take America away from Americans, and freedom from the world.

Today is not about who is wasting money or who may be hurting the education of our children. It’s about the day that a small few tried to take away the freedoms to have our own opinions, and beliefs. It’s about the attempts of those same few to take away our freedom to act (peacefully) on those opinions, and beliefs. It’s about the thousands of lives that were needlessly taken on that day by those who wished to harm our way of life, and their attempts to limit our freedoms.

In America we have the freedom to act on and speak about our feelings on almost any subject. We have the right to peacefully gather and protest. We have the right to speak out against our politicians and other officials. We have these rights without the fear of retaliation by our government, and we can do those things and so much more because of so many that have fought and given their lives in defense of the freedoms that the bill of rights guarantees us. Freedom of religion, free speech and the due process of law.

So many have stood in defense of those very basic freedoms and against the actions of those who brought September 11th 2001 to our history. So many more have given their lives to defend what those before them died to create, and we can truly never forget the sacrifice of all those that died before, during and after that fateful day.

I owe every blog post I write to those who have died for my right to do so. Every time I press the publish button or anytime any one of us share our opinions or beliefs publicly we are shoving it down the throats of those who tried to destroy our way of life on September 11th 2001.

The fight for freedom is not strictly an American cause or a new one, and September 11th 2001 not only changed the way of life for every American it also Changed the way of life for everyone on this beautiful planet. We can never forget the lessons learned that day, but we can also not allow those lessons to change who we are. We can never stop fighting for the freedoms we all deserve.

“Dico Tibi Verum, Libertas Optima Rerum: Nunquam Servili Sub Nexu Vivito, Fili” – William Wallace

My Son, Freedom is best, I tell thee true, of all things to be won. Then never live within the Bond of Slavery.


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