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Another very good article by the B.G.A. On the growing issue of personal email accounts being used for public business.,_public_trouble/

Is this or was this a concern in Schiller Park School District 81? I do remember the resignation letter from a past legal firm being sent to the then School Board President David Stachura, and the then School Board Vice President’s personal email accounts, and then ending up on someone’s personal blog before the upcoming School Board Meeting.


Notice the date on the resignation letter? June 11th 2014, notice the date on the web link below? June 12th 2014. I bet and this is just my personal feeling, not even 24 hours passed by before the letter was forwarded to the owner of the blog shown below.


The above Blog post has since been taken down, but if someone were to search for Law Firm Resigns as Attorney for Schiller Park School they would still get a now private hit for that topic. Another search points to this link The blog is no longer available and has been deleted by its owner but so often things on the internet that have been deleted can still be found.

The School Board meeting that accepted the resignation did not happen until June 18th of 2014. (David was absent) Was the remaining School Board members notified by the then President and Vice President or did they learn of it on the Internet? I can not answer that, but I know what I think.

If you were to think about that resignation letter just a little would you ask yourself the same questions others have? Would you wonder why the School District’s law firm would resign to the personal emails of two of the District’s Board Members? Was that just the normal practice when that firm discussed issues with David Stachura, and Patricia Godziszewski? Was their personal emails used so regularly that when the previously mentioned law firm decided to resign it was easy to just send it to their personal emails?

How often did the two aforementioned individuals use their personal emails for official public business?


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