David C Stachura Standing up for what he believes in - Nothing

David C Stachura continuing to standing up for what he believes in – Nothing

David C Stachura seems to be proving all of his opposition correct. For more than two years many residents have been telling anyone that will listen what they already knew. They have felt for a long time that David C Stachura does not care about the Children of School District 81, or the voters and tax payers of Schiller and Franklin Parks. They believe he only cares about one thing, David Stachura.

So basically in my opinion he is a coward. That might be harsh to some, and his ever dwindling supporters would say he is just taking a stand for his beliefs. To that I would add that his supporters are correct. He is in fact taking a stand, a stand for his beliefs, and the beliefs of cowards everywhere. The bottom line to me is that he does not like the people he is serving on the School Board with, and does not like what they stand for. Instead of trying to fight for his beliefs or simply resign, he chooses to hide. It also appears oaths mean nothing to Mr David C Stachura, and monthly meetings seem to be optional.

What brings me to this post? See for yourself as usual here, but you do not have to watch the videos in full. By the time minute 35 of the June 17th meeting has passed David C Stachura has checked out, and he has not been seen at a School Board meeting of any type since.

June 17th 2015 David C Stachura walked out of the meeting at 7:31pm and began his apparent “stand” against good schools.  Meeting minutes found here. From that point to the present he has missed 18 meetings. In fairness to Mr Stachura some of those gatherings were committee meetings he was not a part of, in fact Mr David C Stachura is not a part of one single committee. There has been finance, facilities, policy, and negotiations committee meetings that all involve something David Stachura pledged to the voters to protect, tax dollars. Think about this for a minute, a very recent President of the Schiller Park School District 81 School Board knowingly chooses to not be a part of a single committee or meeting, and has missed every single meeting since June of this year. That says a lot to me, and raises a lot more questions.

Again let us not forget David C Stachura along with Patricia Godziszewski ran on a platform of protecting the tax payers interests, and he pledged to stop the alleged and never found miss-spending of your tax dollars. Now this just might be me but it seems a little difficult to defend your tax dollars and stop alleged miss-spending if you do not attend anything or are not a part of any school board activities that deal with tax dollars.

Thank you David C Stachura for proving us all right, and continuing to show us how you really feel about the children, staff, parents, voters and tax payers of School District 81. Your are an inspiration to none, and an excellent example of poor and selfish public service. 


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