Subject to F.O.I.A. after leaving office


My Question today is:

Does a recently unseated political official have to respond to F.O.I.A. requests that cover a time frame when that official was still in office?

My answer to that question would be yes, but what is the official answer?

According to Patricia M Godziszewski its a no. I can safely say this because she has not yet responder to a request made for information from during her term of office. The request was originally made on 9-15-15, and has remained unanswered by Patricia Godziszewski. The School District F.O.I.A. officer provided all the documents they could, but still silence from Godziszewski.

Why does any of this matter? She is out of office now so why should we care? It does matter, because when people use their personal emails to circumvent the systems put in place to protect the citizens it weakens our government, and country. Even at the local level. If this was in fact done should she or anyone else be allowed to “get away with it” just because they are no longer in office? I am not the first person to raise these questions, and I am sure this isn’t the last we hear of this situation.

There is a lot going on politically in this country, and things will start heating up soon in Schiller Park, but we can not just sit back and forget about what was going on for the sake of silence, or because there is currently no election happening. Government whether bad or good continues every day, and So should we.



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