McCampbell Getting 21,000 a month pension


McCampbell, middle, walks with attorneys Craig Tobin, left, and Sean Sullivan through the lobby of the Hon. George N. Leighton Criminal Court Building in Chicago on Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2012. (José M. Osorio / Chicago Tribune)

“Five years after the Tribune exposed a suburban official’s questionable $472,000 annual pay — and three years after he was indicted over it — the official continues to collect a lucrative pension as his case lingers in court.” – Joe Mahr of the Chicago Tribune

In an article posted this morning the Chicago Tribune shared some personally very disturbing information about one of our most controversial residents Mr Roy F McCampbell. Full article found here

More then 1.4 million in payments, that came out of an already strapped Illinois. Tax payer money that the state simply can not afford to keep paying if in fact he is found to be guilty. That’s the issue here. Acordong to the article the IMRF could decide (If McCampbell is found guilty) that his pension is directly related and then by law stop payments. In the meantime he has received and continues to receive 472,000 annually.

Whether McCampbell deserves such a high pension is a discussion for another day, and whether he is guilty of any crimes is up to the legal system. I know what I think, and personally find it disgraceful knowing how many hard working people struggle every day in this town, state, and country just to make ends meet. Seeing an individual under indictment for so many different things still continuing to receive close to a half a million a year in state pension funds to just sit back and pretend to be a community dogooder makes me a bit nauseated.

So while he state of Illinois continues to drag their collective feet on a case that costs the state tax payers not only legal expenses, but almost half a million a year in pension payments this person gets to just go about his day.

So when the next election winds up pay close attention to who supports who, both at the state level and the local level. Pay attention to what some people that may (or may not) run for positions in Schiller Park say they will do for you. Will they continue to scream about our tax money and how it is being wasted, but at the same time accept support and assistance from one of the most notorious “pension fund scoundrels” in Illinois?

Illinois is in trouble none of us will dispute that. Alleged activities such as the ones McCampbell is accused of, and the actions of those in this town who have supported him will only make things worse for all of us. We all need to educate ourselves as to who is behind who, and stop them from continuing to affect our daily lives.

Stand up, and speak out in defense of your rights, and in defense of the truth. Don’t just listen to what people tell you as being the truth check the facts for yourself.

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