More Miss-Information


Let me start with a little disclaimer of sorts. This is a blog that is a mix of fact and opinion. The facts are clearly identifiable as such because I will be sharing the sources, and the documents. The rest is my opinion based off of those facts, and things I have seen for myself. I try and back up my opinions with examples and descriptions of my thought process. I write about political figures and people who are politically active in the business of the town and School Board.  It’s also not personal or written with any sort of malice. 

Just when you think the amount of incorrect information being dumped onto the interwebs seemed to have subsided you come across a particular person’s newest attempts (through Facebook) to continue the lieing and deceeiving of an entire town. This miss-information campaign is always disguised with questions designed to give the impression of the reader coming to their own conclusion when in reality it’s simply guiding most people to the same conclusion as the author. It seems genuine and thoughtful, but in the end is simply just a form of manipulation and an attempt at protecting themselves from legal action.

It is a well known fact that taxation is a hot button item in any community, and the people trying to do good by the voters already have an up hill battle to fight without having to deal with people telling their deformed version of reality simply to stir up trouble. The trouble makers add charts and graphs made by the people with the actual information and mix them with their own miss guided version of the facts to lend validity to their claim. These deceivers take advantage of people who don’t fully understand what is being presented, and beat them into submission with confusing examples of the wrong  information.

A good example of this misleading information is a post on the page being discussed saying that School District 81 is hiding something because of  a video not being posted of the December meeting when in fact it was posted and has been since January 7th. Let us also keep in mind that the videos are not required by law, and are just one more example of the transparency that is provided by the School Board and Staff of School District 81. If the general public knew why there was a delay in the posting they would be disgusted with the author of that Facebook page.


Backing up my claims

I find it ironic that some of the people in Schiller Park best known for causing the upheaval im talking about are either under indictment for theft, or are greatly responsible for one of the darkest times in your School District’s history, but people still choose to trust what is said because they don’t fully understand.

In this particular situation a Facebook page that has taken issue with the tax rates in Schiller Park has chosen the old path of miss-information and half truths to disguise what seems to me as one of the most transparent things this School District has done. (Kennedy Addition)

Take a step back for one second. Look at what your saying or being told. If everything that is going on in this School District and town angers you then you are not getting your information from good or official sources and there is something wrong. Take a look at your source. Maybe your being fed a line of BS for their own gain. Maybe they are misleading you because they also don’t know any better. Ask questions, but ask those questions of the people who know the facts first hand. If you don’t understand that ask more questions.

Please continue to speak out for what you believe, but do it with valid and acurat information.  Check your sources.

I encourage everyone to come to their own conclusions about the the subjects or people I mention in any post, past present or future. But use the truth to get there. Everyone ever discussed in any of my blog posts are human beings and deserve at least as much respect as that title allows.






3 thoughts on “More Miss-Information

  1. You EARN respect, you do not automatically “get” it. A “human being” as you phrase it is allowed the “common courtesy” of POLITENESS, not respect, until they exhibit that they do not deserve politeness. Respect is not something that a person earns by “title” is is something they EARN by actions/behavior. BTW your spelling and grammar is atrocious for someone in a professional occupation.


    • I am greatfull for the time you have taken to comment on this post. Please consider this option as far as spelling and grammar goes. There is the very strong possibility that I do it on purpose to distract from who I might be. I have already been sued once for the purpose of revealing my identity, and I try very hard to keep that to myself. You may also noticed that many of my posts are not even written in the same style as others. With that being said proper Grammer and Spelling do not take away from the content or subject matter. Those two things do also not take away from the validity of what I post or the information I share.


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