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School District 81 of Schiller Park held a community forum this past Wednesday at 6pm to give the SD81 community an opertunity to see what is taking place at Kennedy School, and ask questions.

First let me add that I was actually able to attend this event, and I feel the project was very well presented, and very well attended. Almost all the chairs were full, with many interested faces.

I watch all of the School Board meeting videos because of my inability to attend, and have been at least aware of the issues with Kennedy School enrollment numbers starting with the November of 2014 meeting (This info was also shared in the presentation). The School District has also had a link to information about this project on the front page of the web page for some months now.


It appeared that the entire Administration and more then a few teachers were in attendance. Five of the seven School Board members were present as well, but simply as observers (I heard someone say that this was an open meetings violation, but I am pretty sure it was not, I do not believe the law prohibits the school board from being in the same building at the same time).

The School District started the forum with short tours of the building focusing on key areas that need to be addressed. After the tours there was a presentation, followed by a Q&A session.

The presentation portion moved along quickly with multiple presenters covering their specific areas. I found it to be a very good opportunity to get a strong overview of what was going to happen with the building.

In my effort to be as upfront as possible, there was some small amount of moaning and groaning,  but this is to be expected. The previous years were filled with so many lies and exaggerations by a majority of the School board that it caused issues that the few members of the Board that were trying to do right by the community and its children could never gain any ground.  Those “Bad” members and their associates outside the board spread so much “miss-information”, half truths, and outright lies that I’m very surprised there was not more of the moaning and groaning. To me it is proof that people have started to see the truth behind those lies.

There will always be the help-rejecting complainers, and those with genuine concerns that are open to the possibility that what they hear around town may or may not even be true. We will also always see a few that just don’t care about the truth, children’s safety, or education.

Those most notably not in attendance are actually the main contributors to the problems of the past. The ones who still try and spread their lies, and fabricated half truths simply for the disruption it causes. They stir up trouble with anyone that will listen, they then tell the ones they have wound up that they will not get the truth from anyone in the School District. I heard more then once last night from one of the attendees that the entire presentation was a lie. Of course this is not the case, and anyone that takes a calm moment to analyze what the School District is presenting will come to the same conclusion. The presentation contained facts, and details backed up with explanations and truth, backed up with an open door policy, and absolute transparency.

I only wish the small portion of the community (the Help-rejecting complainers) that refuse to listen to the details and explanations no matter what, would stop trying to close the minds of the remaining members of the community that otherwise might be open to the possibility that what’s being done is needed.

After the main presentation there was breakout sessions in a few categories. This I assume was an attempt to reduce the group sizes and allow more people to ask their more specific questions. A few in attendance mentioned they felt it limited their options, but understood the reasoning. I heard more then a few of the administration mention this is not the only way to get your questions answered, and I believe that to be true.

You can follow this link for the slide show from the presentation, and the written questions and answeres from that portion of the forum. I also strongly encourage anyone with more questions to contact the District offices, or attend your next committe or School Bord meetings.

The feeling I get from this current School Board and Administration of School District 81 is that they are trying to overcome all the bad information being spread by people that don’t really know the facts. Please get your information from a source that knows what is actually going on.  I will say this much David C Stachura, John Kowalski, and Roy F McCampbell or their Facebook pages are not the apropriate place to get the correct information. David Stachura, and John Kowalski have not attended a single meeting of any sort since the June of 2015 meeting. Mr McCampbell has attended a few meetings, and I believe he has the ability to share actual facts but for some unknown reason has always choosen not to, he therefore in my opinion should never be anyone’s source of information. Please take the time to do your own fact checking, and come to your own unbiased conclusions.

Thank you to all those who attended Wednesday nights community forum, and an additional thank you to all those that came with an open mind.






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