The McToxics


Can you spot the McToxic waste before it gets too close to you?

We all have our down days. But when it comes to the McToxics, the blues are a constant rain cloud over their head, and they want everyone to be just as wet and miserable as them. If you never see emotions other than anger, sadness, and jealousy from the McToxics, it is best to steer clear of them. Keep an eye out for the following McToxic traits:

– Constant whining and complaining
– Clinginess and dependency
– Criticism, usually aimed everywhere
– Negative or cynical worldview

If someone makes you upset, don’t become a McToxic. When you walk into the store to buy a new box of Cheerios and they don’t have any, don’t become a McToxic. If you don’t like something a School Board does simply because you didn’t do it or think of it, don’t become a McToxic.

Even if you don’t see the tell-tale signs of the McToxics, you may still know in your gut when something is not right.

Pay attention to the McToxic’s body language and their tone of voice. Listen to the sounds they make more than what they actually say. You can hear it when a McToxic is just going through the motions. How do the McToxics relate to you? What do they seem to be thinking when they speak to you? Do they give the impression that they are better then everyone else? Are they even listening to you?
Bad body language often makes one of the McToxics looks like a sullen, sulky teenager — shoulders down, lack of eye-contact, big, hostile gestures, etc.
Good body language or what you won’t see from a male McToxic looks like George Washington across the Delaware: back straight, chin up, shoulders back, etc.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for McToxics. Anger, and shouting are often reactions people have to the negative criticism of a McToxic personality so be aware. McMiserable McToxic people sometimes need a lot of help in social situations, but to them it’s your job to be their punching bag, and will target you for questioning what they say.

It is definitely not your job to try and fix the McToxics! Staying around a McToxic will cause you to become angry too. So kick back and find someone else to talk to: you’ll have a lot more fun.
Watch out for quiet, simmering anger as well. Sometimes a McToxic won’t say much, but will use poor body language and bottle it up instead. These McToxic people lash out at odd times, when anger doesn’t seem called for they will use lies or disguise their “McToxicity” in the form of negativity about everything. Luckily, this is basically a neon “Personal BioHazard” sign.
If you have to work with these McMiserable McToxic people, never stoop to anger — you’ll just rile them up further. Keep it professional, polite, and quick, and just walk out if you start feeling contaminated. A McToxic hates people who are in control of reality almost as must as he hates confrontation.
Stand away from the attention seeking McToxics. Insecure people such as this are unable to create their own sense of self-worth, and often cling on to others to get it. While not always McToxics themselves, these reality-TV hopefuls can get nasty just like the controlling McToxics when they don’t get the attention they also crave. If you don’t give it to any of them, they’ll find a way to make it themselves or have a tantrum on the way out the door, and no one needs that kind of drama in their life.

So don’t be a McToxic.

Any words that resemble any names are simply a coincidence, and have nothing to do with any actual people. They are simply made up for fun. This post is a general description of what i believe to be an issue in the modern world we live in, and if you think I am talking about you might be a McToxic. 





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