Official Misconduct


Sometimes people in official positions go to far. Maybe the “power” goes to their head, or maybe they have been that way from the beginning. One of the more common and sometimes criminal activities is called official misconduct.

Official misconduct
n. improper and/or illegal acts by a public official which violate his/her duty to follow the law and act on behalf of the public good. Often such conduct is under the guise or “color” of official authority. (See: official)

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Anyone who is reading this probably knows at least one person who has been accused and or convicted of official misconduct. Just living in Illinois seems to be enough, but someone accused might even live in your neighborhood. They might even continue to insert themselves into politics even though they should so clearly focus on other things. This hits very close to home here in Schiller Park Illinois, and has caused untold amounts of damage to the political, and educational systems we all rely on.

What can we do as a resident in a town that has an “accused” political personality continuing to insert himself into many aspects of all of our daily lives? We can educate ourselves for one. Teach ourselves all the different ways of being a “watchdog”. We can look for all the official ways to get information that are factual and not part of a spin campaign for some further personal benefit of any one person. We can learn to see a signature of sorts, and identify the possible situations of continued background manipulations. These types of people often have their hands in a large number of activities that often go un-noticed. At least until we learn what to look for. Once that happens the connections never stop unfolding.

Social media should not ever be 100% trusted, but it often can be used as a stepping stone to finding out what is fact or fiction. You can include my own social media posts into this category as well. I have posted often about how I do not want any of my readers to take what I say at face value. I share a lot of opinions that I have come to based off of the research I have done for myself. From my point of view most reasonable people would come to the same conclusion once given the same information, but I would still rather what I share be verified. Get your verification from unbiased sources, or if unbiased sources do not exist get the information from people who are held legally responsible for the information they share, and from people who are directly involved in what ever situation is the topic.

Getting your information from those who are legally responsible and sworn to tell the truth is sort of how this all comes together. It is probably the best source of factual information we have other then seeing it with our own eyes. The fact that we have an “official misconduct” criminal charge at all means this method isn’t always perfect, but it is possibly the best we have. Look at the legally responsible sources we have at our disposal, and look at their background. Have they been indicted of a crime, or accused by an official organization like the States Attorney? Keeping in mind that real accusations do not always have to come from an official source either. Many people official or not accuse others of all sorts of things, but is their truth to it, and what consequences do they have that would guide them to tell the truth?

I can safely say that Roy F McCampbell has been indicted for Official Misconduct and theft because I can back it up with a source that is legally responsible to tell the truth. Because of their legal responsibility I can without a reasonable doubt say this is a known fact (found here), but what does that fact do to his credibility as a source of information himself? I leave that up to you, but considering the official and legal accusation of official misconduct and theft came during his service as a public official It would be my opinion he might not be the best source of factual or truthful information.

Now let’s be very clear on something. As we all know In the United States you are innocent until proven guilty. The most important word in that statement is -proven-. Mr McCampbell has not been proven guilty at this point and we should treat the situation as such. We should also take into account the weight of an official accusation from an official source that is legally responsible to tell the truth, and again consider that this might cast a reasonable doubt on any “information” the accused would share.

On the flip side of the issue Mr McCampbell himself through his many Facebook pages and social media outlets has accused the School System of Schiller Park of many things, but not one accusation that I know of has ever been substantiated. The part that makes this all even more disturbing is that he most likely knows that the more official something looks the more credible it sounds, and more often then not unless you consider the source you may believe what he shares. I will be honest and tell you that many of the things he shares are true. Most of those are reposts from other media outlets that don’t have anything to do directly with our schools. With the exception of information involving extracurricular activities, I would verify every other piece of information that involves Schiller Park School district 81.

Just because something looks official does not mean it’s true. Consider the source and verify everything. Be an advocate for your community, don’t contribute to the “official misconduct” of some by turning a blind eye, and if you have been a part of the network of destruction it is never to late to turn around and do what’s right for everyone.


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