Missinformation Part 2

Lets dig in a little more into the fine source for examples of what is not actually happening in School District 81.

November 8th 2015


This post made me chuckle just a small amount. I had never heard of the Edgar County Watch Dogs before this and I like what they are doing. The part that made me chuckle was the insinuation that the Schiller Park School District 81 is doing something that would interest the Edgar County Watch Dogs in the first place. I am more then sure that the McToxics made an attempt to contact the Edgar County Watch Dogs, and to the best of my knowledge they have not shown interest in the districts activities. Why would they as the School District is not actually doing anything wrong.

You can find the Edgar County Watch Dogs on Facebook here, or on the interwebs here. I contacted the group a few month ago to notify them that someone of ill repute was using them to validate his continued miss-information campaign against the School District.

November 24th 2015


This is one of the many examples on that page that simply shares links to other sites. In and of itself it does not say anything bad. In fact the article does not list Schiller Park School District 81 in either the top 25 deficit or surplus spending categories. The article by itself could be reasonably interpreted as a good thing for School District 81. I would imagine that not being in either of those two categories casts a favorable light on School District 81. It says to me that the School Board and Administration are being financially responsible.

Link to full article found here

December 24th 2015


Any attempt to explain to taxpayers what is going on by any taxing body is a fantastic thing. Even more so when it can be verified and backed up. This School Board and administration has done more to increase transparency then the previous leadership ever even tried.

In a previous post I talked about getting your information from a source that is legally responsible to tell the truth. This is a perfect example of a source that is “legally responsible” to share the truth.

I would like to see the information that he authors of the Facebook page making the claims of “bogus” information have used to come to their conclusions. This is something you will never see because anything they would try to share can be disputed, and proved incorrect.  In reality the claims of the stop overtaxation Facebook page is the truely “Bogus” attempt at misleading people away from the truth.

Full article found here

This is just a few more examples of what I believe to be a sad example of a group of people trying to mislead people into following their lies.

So much more to come on that Facebook page.



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