Missinformation Part 3


I’m going to jump ahead a little and share some of the more recent postings to this page. I apologize for bouncing around but some things just can not wait.

February 15th 2015 – updated


The page quoted by the Facebook page I am now fondly calling the McStachura page can be found here. I am picking that name because it so closely resembles their campaign of destruction.

This says it all, identical to Schiller Park School District 81 in reference to the District administrators

This is downright insulting, and a blatantly typical attack by people who have been doing the very same things for years now. I have no doubt in my opinions that the main culprit of this page is Roy F McCampbell, David C Stachura, and the ousted Patricia Godziszewski may still have some involvement. It fits with David C Stachura’s complete lack of knowledge on the situation, and matches directly the attacks of the past perpetrated by all three of the above individuals on such pages as the Shiller Park Blog. Now mix in the comments of one Kathie Ewanio Janis, and its a deja vu moment like we have not seen for some time now.

The Administration of School District 81 couldn’t be more child centered. They have put up with the career focused attacks by the likes of those named above, and the harassment of the past by the rest of the McCampbellites for year after year. Yet they continue to work towards the best possible education they can provide our children, and grandchildren. They have sat through complaint after complaint with not so much as a negative word in their own defense. They could have just as easily left the district to pursue a career in another district then deal with the abuse aimed at them by a very small few.

I also can not forget the wonderful comments by one Kathy Ewanio Janis.


Edit: A resident recently commented on my Facebook post about this “I personally was in that room with Kathy and she said she was NOT against the expansion and that she knew it was NEEDED”.

I would like to know when Kathie Ewanio Janis has witnessed these things first hand? Of course she is entitled to her opinion as much as the rest of us, but Kathie “feeding the flames” Janis has never had what I consider a constructive comment ever. Maybe that is my fault for thinking that constructive comments should come from someone who recently made a run at a village trustee position here in beautiful Schiller Park. Edit:A resident recently commented on my Facebook post about Kathy Ewanio Janis’s thoughts on the School expansion “I personally was in that room with Kathy and she said she was NOT against the expansion and that she knew it was NEEDED”.

I personally challenge Kathy Ewanio Janis to attend the next School Board meeting and repeat her comments to the Administration and the Board of School District 81, but she wont because that’s how these people operate. I was told that not one person has made a single complaint or asked even one question of the people at the School District offices. Only one person has ever expressed his concerns directly towards the people who have the answeres and I had the displeasure of sitting behind him that day. We wont go into the words he was mumbling under his breath.

This just in….Kathy Ewanio Janis called me a coward because I choose to remain anonymous to protect myself from people who can not stand the truth being told and have proven to attack those who stand up against them. I do think it is sad though that she herself doesn’t have the fortitude to stick to the same story. Is this also the same Ewanio family as School Board member Ewanio? IS she calling her own family Egotistical? 


P.S. I wouldn’t spank you if David C Stachura was begging me to.

Just another miserable attempt at spreading more misery and anger among a community trying to grow and prosper. I wonder how many people have put together that maybe Schiller Park will never achieve the greatness so many of us feel it can as long as these happy people remain involved.

Moving on to another February 15th 2015 post


I want to start off with a question. Why does the McStachura page focus on tax related posts that only cover one of the many taxing bodies that have an effect on our property taxes? Because the authors do not really care about the taxes, just tearing down the wonderful Public School district we have in Schiller Park.

Simple math? The biggest lesson that I am learning with this series of posts is that there  is nothing simple about the math involved with School District Finances. For the McStachura page to suggest such a thing adds more evidence of their actual lack of knowledge on this topic. Does this project, or any school project for that matter cost the tax payers money? Yes, it absolutely does. The job of the School Board is to mitigate those costs as much as possible. Education costs money, and lots of it if you want to properly educate the children of this country. Part of those costs are spent on the buildings those children are educated in.

I feel safe making the statement that every member of this community wants Schiller Park to grow, and with that growth comes more children. Those Children will need to be educated at some point, and the better the education the Schools can provide the more people that will want to move here. Its a cycle that with a prospering community will never stop. A school system has to grow with the population, and that costs money. A primary source for paying for that cost comes from taxes. Let me say it again, and I am sure I will many more times. A School Board that is able to continually improve on the education of a community’s children, maintain a stable budget, grow with the community, and stay modern all at the same time is a School Board that we should all want to remain in office for as long as they can. Despite what the McStachura page is trying to portray, this is what your current Schiller Park District 81 School Board is currently doing, and anyone who says otherwise either simply doesn’t understand, doesn’t want to understand or doesn’t care.

Bad sources of information


David Stachura is not a good source of information as he has not attended one meeting that would have given him that information. He has not attended one meeting since June in general. Someone should submit a F.O.I.A. request for all emails from David C Stachura to any staff member of the School District offices. I would be very interested in the results.

Patricia M Godziszewski in fairness has been very silent in the months since she lost her run at reelection. I only mention her at all because so much of what has been discussed recently was the main argument her, and Dave Stachura ran on in the first place.

Roy F McCampbell in my opinion is possibly the worst source for this information out of the entire bunch. I feel this person along with his spouse have had a vendetta against School district 81 for many years. It is also my opinion that they have had a vendetta against the Administration specifically for some reason that I can not explain. This has been going on for years. I have written about it on many occasions. One of my many posts on the subject found here.

Any McCampbellite

More on the McStachura Page in the very near future. Until then please get your information from a valid source. Ask yourself if what you are repeating or doing is factual. Ask yourself if it is something that will help grow and build this community or just continue to drag it down. I know that if you spread truth you will be one of those helping to grow this town. Schiller Park can be great, and I believe it will be, but we need to continue to raise awareness to the source of its troubles, and bring the truth to the surface.














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