Misinformation Part 4

The lies and misinformation campaign is at full speed. It makes you wonder what he is trying to divert everyones attention from? I am happy to do my best to debunk this malarky, but I can only imagine the amazing answers the School District would have if only people would attend the meetings and ask them directly. Even the author of the McStachura Facebook page has not asked any of these questions directly to anyone that I know of on the School Board or in the School’s District offices.

Februrary 16th 2015


If the author actually knew anything about School Finances (I truely am starting to think he does, and that is how he is so good at manipulating the facts) or this current School Board he would also know that there is no “impending financial problems”. I am sure he is referring to his attempts in another post on his page to mislead by referancing  a 2014 budget projection describing how the School District will show a deficit by 2019. I emphasize the 2014 for obvious reasons, and we all should realize that he has most likely seen current projections and knows full well that the numbers are continually changing. If you look at his own post the report he is referencing proves itself as no longer accurate simply based off the 2015 deficit projection. To the best of my knowledge This deficit does not currently exist. 


For those that are still learning like myself those reports are predictions made off of assumptions given to PMA based off of information in 2014 for the purpose of calculating what the School District would look like if it remained the exact same as when this report was generated. It is now 2016 and the actually financial environment has already changed many times to make sure this doesn’t happen. Its part of the process any School Board goes through every year, and in some cases many times a year as part of the process of being financially responsible. I can say now after reading as many of the statements as possible, and with all certainty (baring any major economic catastrophe) this will not be the case in 2019. It wasn’t the case during the tremendous economic problems this country saw in recent years, and it will not be in the future.

in fact, this financial gamble strips Schiller Park School District 81 of the flexibility to meet future needs.

The reality is very much the opposite of the above quote. This action is allowing School District 81 to be very flexible when it comes to future needs. That is part of the purpose of using the low interest bonds to help with this project, and not depleting fund balances to upgrade a building. This allows the Fund Balance to still do all that it is designed to. It is again financially responsible of the School Board to use low interest bonds, and reduce the overall cost to taxpayers for a project that has been proven to be needed.  It has also been reported that we should all see a reduction in our public education portion of our tax bill, yet the author of the McStachura page continues to spread bad information simply to invite distrust of a system that is working almost perfectly.

Do bonds equal credit cards? Credit cards are typically short term borrowing tools that have high interest rates. Bonds on the other hand are a debt instrument used by many successful corporations such as Apple, Waste Management, Boeing etc. They are part of a long term financing strategy to invest funds into a corporation in return for new products and services. A corporation determines the amount of bonds they will issue based on their weighted average cost of capital. Typically bonds are a part of the long term strategy of a company and are combined with the issuance of stocks or use of equiity.

Schools don’t have the option to issue stocks…but they do have two options – bonds and equity(or cash). As reported by the School District These are both part of a long term strategy to educate the children in the community. Schools are also very lucky that the bonds they issue are Tax Exempt. This means the interest rate on the bonds are 65% of the taxable rate that corporations have to pay. This is the benefit of being a government entity. The schools get the Federal Tax Exempt status/savings. Bonds are considered a long term financing source. They could finance this debt over 20 years but they have chosen to pay this off quicker

Who would use a credit card to build a home let alone a public building?

I am not sure what reality Mr McCampbell lives in, but who builds a home or a public building with cash? Isn’t a mortgage a loan like a credit card? I can not think of or find anyone or any organization that doesn’t use credit for large construction projects (Please share if you know of any). Maybe the half million $ a year pension fund scoundrel has that sort of cash available, but he is not the normal by any sense of the word.


More from Februrary 15th 2015


All these school bond deals have big money roaming in the shadows.
Does someone other than the children benefit big in the Schiller Park deal ?
Or is this project only for the good of the students ?
What do the residents think ?

This is typical McCampbell lingo, and tactics. More confirmation to me that he is the author of this page. He typically accuses with innuendos, and unsubstantiated claims shaped as questions to remove himself from the possibility of lawsuits. There is no more question in my mind, and all there is left to do is sit back and observe as he continues to dig his hole deeper. I really do have to question the sanity of anyone who continues to believe his words, but there will always be those who can only follow without free will.

Is he making accusation that people are up to his old Bellwood tricks on the current Schiller Park School Board? Is he using questions like he always does to spin something he has done in the past to suit his current campaign of distruction? Is Roy F McCampbell forgetting what he is under indictment for in the first place?  Has he forgotten that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?

When I think back on all the things he has done I am reminded of this quote.

“Some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.” – Michael Caine


More February 15th 2015


I have said it numerous times. The residents of Schiller Park were invited on every occasion. The board meetings are public, and recorded. The School District doors are always open to questions, yet none have been asked.

Schiller Park School District 81 is practicing true unconditional transparency. This can easily be proven simply by asking questions of the official people who know what is actually happening. If you truely believe the garbage being spread by Mr McCampbell and his McCampbellites contact the Attorney Generel, or the State School Board. Make your complaints to them and we shall see what they find, but I can tell you now it will be nothing.

Tonight is a public Facilities Committee meeting, and tomorrow night is a public School Board meeting. As usual I would love for everyone to attend and ask all of your question, or do as I do and watch the videos.





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