Misinformation Part 5

Februrary 16th 2015


Another falsehood by the McStachura page. (And I’m starting to think Janis has her hand in the pot now)

The District and residents around Kennedy school will not see more traffic congestion. If the page owners had been paying attention to any number of the meetings they didn’t attend they would know that the plans for the addition will reroute the traffic and resolve the traffic congestion.

No there will not be more flooding around Kennedy school because if the owners of the McStachura page had attended any one of the meetings on the subject they would know that the water retention will be adjusted to compensate for the additional size of the building reflecting new village guidelines.

Please share with us your calculations on the increased annual taxpayer costs based on the increased size of the building.

More Februrary 16th 2015


The Schiller Park School District 81 Board of Education and Administration has not “Hijacked the democratic process”. The construction project did not need to be put to a referendum vote because it is an addition, and Illinois state law only requires a referendum vote for new buildings. I repeat in the state of Illinois no referendum vote is needed for an addition to a school building.

The Schiller Park School District 81 Board of Education was elected through the “democratic process” ( even the board members that do not show up). The laws they are following with this construction project were put in place through the “democratic process”, and because of all of these details I feel safe in my statement that no “democratic processes” were hijacked by anyone.

The school board and the administration of Schiller Park School District 81 has provided  and continues to provide  ample opportunities for any community member to be a part of this process.  From my vantage point the school district has provided unparalleled transparency from the beginning.








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