Truth and Lies

Or lies and truth depending on what side you’re looking at it from.

It’s really and truly very sad that both of those exist in the world we live in, always has and always will. Truth should be the only thing anyone ever hears, but we all know that’s more then a pipe dream. The really sad part is that for every truth there is at least two lies, and even though the truth is often very easy to find (it generally is sitting right in front of our face) it’s much easier to discount when compared to the lies. We Schiller Parkers seem prone to believing the negative, or at least that was how it used to be. There seems to have been a flip a few years ago and people I feel are starting to wake up to the possibility that much of what has been said in the past may not have been accurate.

That is the part of the human personality that some people take advantage of. People who write pages on social media with the sole intention of spreading discontent by using lies as a stepping stone to their end goals, and more often then not simply for the purpose of doing it. When people don’t stand up for the truth and the lies go unanswered for so long they start to become their own twisted reality.

I have mentioned in previous posts that it is very easy to except what we read at face value and to not dig slightly deeper. Many people don’t read deeper then the first few lines, and this almost without fail starts to attract more people to the “liars” cause. Allows him to build his army so to speak, and that “army” will continue to spread the lies. In their defense they may be an unwitting accomplice in the organizers plans because they didn’t search out the truth and accepted what was said at face value, but the same end goal is accomplished.

Let’s face it, the residents of Schiller Park have been down this road before. It’s nothing new with the same players on both sides, and it goes in cycles often revolving around election seasons or when some new item that the main culprit feels goes against his designs. Key words there are Against his designs.

Tomorrow night there is a Public Hearing and then a Regular Meeting of the School Board of Schiller Park School District 81.
(Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at 7:00 PM). The public hearing is concerning the intent of the Board of Education to sell 16,000,000 in working cash fund bonds. This is in my opinion the reason for the peak in misleading information being spread by Roy F McCampbell. (Again I can not prove he is he owner and administrator of the Facebook page and main dissemination source for all the bad information being spread, but when compared to all of his other postings to social media the signature is almost exact). Things have wound up lately but ask yourself why.

Has Roy McCampbell, and David Stachura been recruiting attendees for the meeting? Is that the reason for all the sudden interest? Will Dave Stachura actually attend a School Board meeting? I believe that this is all in an attempt to vilify the Administration and remaining School Board Members of School District 81 with the community. For what purpose I could not even begin to guess, but this has been his goal for a very long time, and why should he change it now.

The hot button of taxes is a perfect catalyst for sparking more negative energy directed at those who many feel were elected to lower taxes. In reality they were elected to do exactly what they are doing now. Protect and grow the education of children in Schiller Park to the best of their abilities while doing it with as much financial responsibility as possible. Protecting both the students and the tax payers.

These attacks are in actuality incredibly counter productive especially for this individual in particular. Doesn’t the School System he is attempting to maliciously destroy service his family? I realize he has taken the personal stance of advocate to everyone in the District to a new level of wrong, but at what point does a person realize that he is doing absolutely no good at all?

I do not believe that someone like this is capable of seeing what they are actually doing to the School System that is so important. In the end his actions not only hurt education in Schiller Park but they hurt every single resident without exception. This is something that everyone can see plainly if they just open themselves to the possibility. Yet there are still people who’s families are directly affected by the outcome of all of this activity that continue to try and tear it all down despite the affects it has on them or those they care about. Kathy Ewanio Janis is one good example. I have no personal issue with her, but I can’t understand her reasoning for taking the positions she has in the past. The undying support for those so clearly doing wrong.

More then a few people have come forward explaining to me how Kathy Janis was telling people at the information meeting at Kennedy that she was all for the expansion of the building. “That it was needed”. Doesn’t this expansion effect her family directly, and now she changes her toon to support Roy McCampbell’s crusade of destruction on Facebook? Is there something in it for her? What am I missing here? Maybe she is going to run for trustee again?

The purpose of this typically long rant is to try and get people to understand the importance of getting to your own thoughts by researching the truth for yourself. I do not want anyone to take my word for it or at face value. Start with the source and go from there.

Attend the next school board meeting and introduce yourself. Share your feelings with people, but do it with respect and a general benefit of the doubt. If you open your mind to the possibility that there is another side to the story then Mr McCampbell’s version then you are half way to the truth.



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