How Sad

How sad, and for what purpose? Those are the two initial thoughts when I first noticed who the friends are on this pages friends list. 2476 friends on a page alleging to share information about Schiller Park taxes made me scratch my head more then a little.


After my initial head scratch moment I clicked on the list, and it showed who the likes were from.


At the time of this screen grab I was still able to see the list of likes but I had only grabbed one shot. I did however start liking as many of the friends as I could. I have since deleted them, but I was hoping to contact a few to see how they found the page (None answered). There was at that moment about 900 people from India, and only a about three from the USA including myself, and Mary Jane Goldthwaite. I also did not realize that there was companies out there that you could pay to increase your page likes like social king of india.

In the end 14 of the people on the page accepted my friend request, and my friends list has grown to 18 people from India.

Then there is some of the likes on the posts that were very much the same situation.

I was completely taken and a little saddened by the thought of paying for likes on a page, but I moved on to other things. Like countering every one of that pages posts. Then I happened to stop back at the following page because some times it has interesting articles to read. It is widely known that the page I will share with you is a Roy F McCampbell page, and that is fine. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Then I noticed the page like count.


2894 people like this page. Well Ill be dipped in shit that is one hell of a coincidence isn’t it? Huge spike in recent likes in the last two weeks or so for both pages, and mutual friends on both pages, all from India.I would guess from the same pay for likes type company.


The pages post likes have not started to grow yet, but I bet it’s coming. This is really the only one.


This is for me a direct link to Roy F McCampbell being involved with the garbage fantasy page “Stop Excessive taxation Blabber blabber crap garbage”, but for what reason? and this is by no means a surprise to anyone.

I hate to say it but Mr Roy F McCampbell wasted his money on this endeavor for sure, and here is why:

  1. These likes have no ongoing value. The people who get paid to like your page are never going to be interested in your page. The fake accounts they use to like your account? Even less chance.
  2. Facebook looks at the fan to engagement ratio when evaluating your page. In short, imagine ABC Corp’s page has 500 fans and an average of 5 comments/update from fans. Meanwhile XYZ Co. has 1,000 fans, but it also has 5 comments for each update it posts. In this case, ABC looks like a more valuable, engaging page.
  3. Facebook is smarter than you. You don’t think it knows that people are paying for likes? I’m sure it’s got algorithms up the wazoo to look for suspicious liking. A sudden surge in likes, a lot of direct traffic to the page (as opposed to people clicking around Facebook and ending up on your page), and the same random group of people who like a hair salon in Topeka one moment and a pet store in Portland, Maine, the next. I wouldn’t be surprised if certain accounts have been tagged as “unlikes” because their liking is so spammy.
  4. It’s different than ad buys to direct people to your page. In the end, an ad can only entice people to visit your page, not to like it. You’re paying for the opportunity to grab their attention, not get a like.

Good try Mr McCampbell, but it wont work. Thanks for teaching me something new again though.




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