Transparency and No Questions

First let’s start with transparency. At least as it pertains to the construction project at Kennedy School.

In a recent post on a Facebook page called Stop excessive taxation bla bla bla. The page’s authors commented the following

The Schiller Park School District 81 residents were never involved in the decision making process to expend almost $20,000,000. The only time the taxpayers heard is when they were told by the administration how they decided to spend $20,000,000 on their plans


This (as are all the other posts on that page) is false. The School Board and Administration had been discussing the needs for this for some time now. If my memory serves me right the first time I heard about the overcrowding was at the end of 2014, and this trend continued practically every month since then.  It was discussed at facilities committee meetings, at finance committe meetings, and the district put on a community forum (more on the forum here). Public discussions on this topic in one form or another has been going on more then twice a month for a year. The taxpayers of Schiller Park have had the opertunity to hear about this project or the reasons for this project at just about every public meeting since late 2014. Every one of those meetings with the exception of the committe meetings (minutes only for committe meetings, but they are open to the public) is recorded and posted for every tax paying member of the community to see and hear about. Every detail of the School District’s public business is laid out for the entire world to see.

In addition to all the public meetings, and the community forum there was a flyer mailed out.

The flyer was mailed to 6000 residents of School District 81. I received mine some time mid January, and I find it hard to believe that between the meeting discussions for almost a year, the community forum, and 6000 flyers mailed to the tax payers of School District 81 that anyone would even attempt to say “The Schiller Park School District 81 residents were never involved in the decision making process to expend almost $20,000,000”. We have been given every opertunity to be involved. (On a side note- saying almost 20 million is a stretch, and an attempt to grand standing in my opinion)

Lets talk about who is complaining about the tax payers not being involved.

  • It is again my opinion that the author of the Stop excessive taxation page is Roy F McCampbell. In his defense I have heard he attends many of the meetings. I can not say for sure about the Finance and Facilities committe meetings but I have been told he does not attend those at all. On the flip side of -the in his defense- he also has his nose in everything and knows full well how transparent this process has been from the beginning. He spreads his misinformation all over town knowing he is wrong.
  • David C Stachura. I know he has remained a complainer on this subject even though he has not attended a single School District meeting of any sort since he stormed out in June. Even though he found the time to attend village board meetings he has ignored his oath and remains absent from School Board business. He continues to act and talk as if he knows everything about the subject.
  • Korey Gibala Krastev, The distributor of the complaining question flyer out front of the Kennedy community forum. To the best of my knowledge she has attended absolutely no School District meetings of any sort nor has she asked any questions of the School Board or Administration. She handed out a flyer that no one believes was originally from her anyway. (Transcribed copy found here) she also has refused to comment on a Facebook post about the subject when directly asked questions.
  • Sophia Sanchez with an odd post on Facebook post to the page Resident Citizens community alliance that Shared her concerns about non-English speaking people being the cause of the needed expansion or some such thing.
  • Kathy Ewanio Janis by all reports attends little to no School District meetings with the exception of the community forum, and did in fact have some questions there. It was also reported that she agreed to the need for the expansion but says she had concerns over how it was going to be paid for. Her questions and apparent open mindedness ended there, and changed to comments on Facebook describing the project as simply an ego builder meant to get another plaque on a building. Doesnt seem to constructive as far as criticism goes.

As the one response to Kathy Janis said the public is winning. I think the public always wins when they have complete transparency and total honesty from any government body. P.S. Kathy Janis saying anyone’s answers are Vague answers is a stretch. Some statements don’t need long responses to show how incorrect they are. I again make a challenge to Kathy Janis, Roy F McCampbell, Dave Stachura, and anyone else who says the School District of Schiller Park is not honest, or transparent, or doing what is in the best interest if the Children and their education. Prove to the community and tax payers that they have done wrong or something illegal. Prove to the community that they are putting education at risk. Prove me wrong…..

I am not trying to shame anyone that has questions just those who dont seem to speak for themselves, and could care less about children and their education, or want to complain without actually caring about the answers. I have encouraged people with issues to reach out since the beginning of this blog and I imagine many have. If they are not contributing to the destruction of Schiller Park I have no quarrel.

As far as the construction project goes and as far as I know there has been no questions asked accept by me. Why is that? Maybe it’s because the people without an agenda received all the information and are satisfied with the answers? Satisfied doesn’t always mean they like the answers but was the literature and videos adequate? I really can’t speak for everyone else, but it was incredibly informative in my opinion.

One thing I do feel will continue to happen in Schiller Park School District 81 is the transparency, and honesty.





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