Get Your Heads Out Of Your @$$


Instead of being excited about the Kennedy expansion project because it is a good thing for the entire village of Schiller Park some people automatically assuming that taxes will be raised, and they comment to others based off of that alone. According to the financial lady with the MBA (Wendy) at the School District offices we will see a slight decrease in the SD81 part of our taxes. Why cant we be happy that an improvment is going to be made to the school that might raise the value of moving to Schiller Park, or possibly keep or attract more of the fantastic staff we already have. Modern Schools that provide a quality education help bring new families to town.

Many people scream and yell that the Mayor Piltaver isnt doing enough to grow Schiller Park, but with the needed improvements to grow a town that people say they want comes the cost of that development, but when the School District tries to do something to improve Schiller Park the minions come running screaming and yelling that its a disgrace to the tax payers and the sky is falling or what ever drama suits their needs, they can’t have it both ways. Its sad that the people like Roy F McCampbell, Korey Gibala-Krastev, Kathie Ewanio Janis, David Stachura, and a few others are so short sighted that they cant see through their own BS. This is a great thing for the entire town, not just the students or as Janis has said “the egos of the School Board and Administration”. If they stopped the hatred in their hearts for just one moment and opened their eyes they might see for themselves what is really happening and how good it really is for everyone.



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