1 Milliom Dollars


What would you do for 1 million dollars? That’s a very complicated question at least on a personal level.

1 million dollars is a lot of money. Not as much as it was when I was a kid, but still nothing to ignore, and even less to ignore when a School Construction project starts off under budget before ground has even been broken. The video for the most recent school board meeting is posted and there is a few things of note.

Lets put the 1 million dollars aside for right now, talk about something so crazy you just may not be able to believe me without seeing it for yourself.

DAVID C STACHURA WAS AT LAST A SCHOOL BOARD MEETING….. Yes you read that correctly. Even if he was not there in human form he was there in digital form. What I mean is that he called in from work. Just showing up in any form is in and of itself practically a miracle. I would like to add that he had no issue or complaint with anything, and voted yes on everything. Including the bid approval for the first phase of the Kennedy construction project.

Speaking of the Kennedy construction project and 1 million dollars (almost). The Board of Education voted at the last School Board meeting to approve the bid to start the project, and that bid came in at over 800,000.00 under budget. Yes the very first phase of the project is already more the  800,000 under budget. That is one hell of an acceptable start to any construction project.

Why doesn’t the STOP exaggeration of the taxes page ever talk about that though? Instead they make comments like this.


There it is again, the exaggeration of the cost of the expansion project simply to get people excited. I do also hope that the authors of that page are not so misinformed that they think a community can be land locked and not have resident growth. This is not a hard concept to understand by almost any standard, they must be using the “Janis” math to come to their conclusions.

The Februrary 17th Schiller Park School District 81 meeting video video can be found here





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