March Meeting


Tonight is Schiller Park School District 81’s March School Board meeting and just like every month, I am asking everyone in attendance to watch the body language of those in attendance. Observe their interactions with the community, and fellow board members. Listen closely to their questions (if they have any), and observe their reactions to their Elected School Board members.

Keep an eye out for new faces in the audience and introduce yourself. Show new people to the meetings that those in the audience are honest caring people with everyone’s best interests at heart. Show them that this is a group of people who are concerned about what was going on with their schools, and that you are open to discussion. Explain that you care about the truth, and that stopping the destruction of this District, and consequently Schiller Park is of the highest priority.

Defend your rights but with respect and kindness. Don’t give them an ounce of ammunition, and STAND up for the children of School District 81.


One thought on “March Meeting

  1. Stopped in B4 another meeting last night, to see the presentations and the “Peter Pan” play but had to leave before the business portion started. Although I no longer have a child in D-81 schools, this school District gave my children a wonderful education and the tools to find success later in life. I stand with the Board & Administrators. I will do what I can to help our D-81 Team succeed because as we all know, its really all about the kids!


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