Well Then

It appears that David Stachura and John Kowalski have thrown in the towel. At least that is what the Stop excessive bla bla bla crap page has told the community, and the page that posted it seems to have found something actually factual, well  mostly. Looks like the McCampbell, Stachura love fest is back in full.


Take a closer look at their reasoning.

The Board Majority has decided to go with an 11,000,000 renovation of Kennedy School. We can not in good conscience be a part of putting this financial burden on the taxpayers of District 81 once again

How do we even begin with that? There is so much to this letter that I am almost speechless.

Lets start with the agenda for the most recent regular meeting


If you look at that agenda you will find item XII B 3. Approval to start construction.  What was his vote on that? YES. Did he have any comments or complaints during the public hearing portion? NO.

Don’t believe me? Check the Februrary 17th meeting video. The first meeting David attended since June, and by phone.


This is a disgrace to Military service and Oaths everywhere. When you don’t agree with something dont you fight to defend your beliefs, or do you cower in the corner and complain then resign in sillance?

You STAND UP AND SPEAK OUT not resign in shame.



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