To What End?

Let me start out with a bit of a statement. I believe the picture I am going to be sharing with you today is a fake, and a relatively good one at that. I believe it to be a fake sent to me anonymously for some unknown purposes. I wasn’t even going to share it at first but it really got me thinking as to why someone would send it in the first place.

The email was sent using a disposable email account that is apparently deleted after 24 hours of its creation. I have never revealed any emails sent to me good or bad in the past so why a disposable email now? The Email also made reference to one of the people in the screen shot being hacked by the company he hired to fill his Facebook pages with fake likes. I have spoken about that before but why would the people from any of those companies think this would be valid information to me, if that is in fact who the sender is. The rest of the red flags came from the information itself. How would some random “hacker” from a company I have never done business with know that this particular screen shot would interest me or any of my readers. What it says is so vague and nondescript with two many blanks to fill in. Things just do not add up, and most importantly it can not be verified. I will not share information like this screenshot and present it as fact without proof of its authenticity, and none exists.

You may ask then why would I share it at all? Well I believe simply because it shows a small example of the desperation of some people. Maybe to get me to share false or faked information as truth?

We all know that one of the more politically active residents of the Schiller Park community made an unsuccessful attempt to file suit against me because, and I quote this article

“These posts al involve critique of the petitioner’s public political work on various boards and positions in the town of Schiller Park,” the judge wrote. “The posts are expressions of opinion protected by the First Amendment.”

The judge described the blog posts as “broad and conclusory,” saying they “certainly can be viewed as hyperbolic, dramatic and in some cases, satirical.”

“Looking at the blog posts in context, it is clear that the writer is expressing beliefs and opinions, as opposed to facts,” Flanagan said. “Thus, the posts here are protected opinion and not defamatory.”

Since the content of the blog is not “actionable” as defamation claims, the judge said allowing DelGiudice to amend her petition would be “pointless.”

but if I shared this picture like it was the treasure  map to all that we have fought for would they swoop in and attack again? Was it just a simple attempt at discrediting me? They have done it before with a fake blog named after me.

Never the less here is the in my opinion fake screen shot I received last week .


Looks like some very tempting bait does it not? The answer to a fight many of us have been fighting for years? Or at least if not an answer one very large bucket of fuel to toss on the fire?

Would I love for this to be undeniable, and conclusivly proving some sort of conspiracy? Absolutely, but it is not. Simply another attempt by those hell bent on destruction to misguide a different person.

Let us also not forget that the most compelling lies are often conceived from truth. Scary the lengths people will go to deceive.



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