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This post is directly for a few people in this community, and by no means in any order of importance. I will list as many of the key politicos as I can think of or remember, I will also leave a few unnamed, but those people know exactly who they are. I mean no disrespect or shame towards the following people, and I would have honestly respected their opinions if they would have even partially made an attempt to gain the correct information. I also believe that it goes much deeper then just their opinion, and they speak the way they do for a purpose. They have all played a role in politics in this town, and should know better then to preach inaccuracies. They complain as loud as they need, simply to meet their political needs.

  • David C Stachura – Resigned School Board member, with more then a few unsuccessful election campaigns to various offices. Silent until his resignation letter, also uninvolved in any part of the Kennedy project.
  • John Kowalski – Resigned School Board member. Silent until his resignation letter, also uninvolved in any part of the Kennedy project.
  • Roy McCampbell – The list of political activity is to long, including a few unsuccessful electoral campaigns.
  • Korey Gibalia Krastev – Has run unsuccessfully for library Board, and School Board.
  • Kathy Ewanio Janice – Retired (Forcibly I have heard) teacher, and unsuccessfully ran for at least one village level political office.
  • Glen Rawski – Currently on the Police and fire commission – AKA political
  • you know who you are – Very politically involved
  • you know who you are – Very politically involved
  • you know who you are – Very politically involved

I thought I would share with you a list of opportunities lost, and for anyone else who has had any interest in information about the Kennedy School Construction Project. Particularly those that have spent their valuable time on this earth attacking, or complaining about the Kennedy expansion yet saw absolutely no reason to attend any of the meetings that are for the exact purpose of keeping the community involved, and informed. Just to be clear these meetings are posted days before they happen in more then a few locations. The meeting minutes are posted after the conclusion of those meetings on the Districts web page.

I have heard the complaints. The most common one being “I think the people should have had a say in this process” followed by “but I didn’t know anything about this” and “this is going to raise our taxes”.

Before we continue lets look at complaining a little. Complaints come from not agreeing with the knowledge of a subject a person has right? When you have “Knowledge” of something that you may not agree with all aspects of you might complain. Some of the people who have complaints may also take the approach of offering a solution. That is especially appreciated when that offer of a solution was not one already addressed in countless meetings that other people were using to gain “knowledge”. This leads me to the question I ask myself when listening to someone complain. How good is the complaining persons knowledge, and from what source did they receive it?

The only meeting that showed any real community participation was the forum put on at Kennedy School by the Superintendent, and Board. I know many people have taken issue with how this forum was presented to the community, but an attempt was made to allow people to get more information outside the standard format of meetings.

I will also give you a few examples of places that information on the meetings, and the Kennedy project has been shared more then a few times. These links have been available for years, and are not new.

  1. The BOE (Board of Education) calendar. You can even subscribe to this calendar so you do not have to keep coming back to look at the list.
  2. The BOE Agendas and Minutes has the details, and usually at least the very next meeting date and time.
  3. The very front page of www.d81.org has News, and Events right in the center of the page.
  4. On many of the Facebook Pages that Schiller Park has. Schiller Park School District 81Schiller Park Issues and OpinionsSchiller Park – UncensoredParents of SD81, even the negative misleading Facebook Pages like the Excessive taxation page has posted details for meetings.

The following is a list of dates for meetings that took place that had anything to do with Kennedy School addressing safety, construction, and enrollment. If you click on the links you will be taken to the minutes.

None of the list of people at the top of this post are on any of the committees listed. 

Since my starting point of the first Facilities meeting on October 22nd of 2014 there has been roughly 40 other meetings besides the list above. The community has had the opportunity to discuss the Kennedy expansion project at length at least once every meeting. There was a few people who have addressed the Board of Education, but it was not in complaint form with the exception of one.

Since the flyer describing the project was sent out in mid January there has been 11 meetings that presented an opportunity for anyone to express their complaints regarding this project. There was no public participation regarding the expansion or paying for it besides the two mentioned previously. One asking to explain things a little differently, and one who was very upset because he didn’t understand, or didn’t want to understand. These both took place at and after the community forum.

Not one person in over 100 opportunities attempted to be involved or take action…

Roughly 57 meetings with opportunities to speak, and or ask questions. Each regular meeting has two opportunities to speak openly to the School Board, and I have seen on tape that even beyond that the School Board President has allowed people to address the board outside of public participation. So there has been more then 100 opportunities to express concerns, complaints, or ask questions since the first of the Facilities committee meetings on October 22nd of 2014.

So what does it mean when people complain about a subject they have no knowledge of because they made a choice to not gain the required knowledge to be properly informed?

It means It’s all about politics folks

“If you took one-tenth the energy you put into complaining and applied it to solving the problem, you’d be surprised by how well things can work out… Complaining does not work as a strategy. We all have finite time and energy. Any time we spend whining is unlikely to help us achieve our goals. And it won’t make us happier.”
― Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture


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