Is It Real, or Fake?

It always has intrigued me what people choose to believe or not to believe. What people assume and not assume are often not connected with any sort of reason. It often simply depends on what they already believe or tend to agree or disagree with.


I shared this image last week fully believing that it is in fact a fake, but is it really? Why would it be sent to me? Was David Stachura’s Facebook page hacked? What could it even mean? For the record I still don’t believe it is true. If the original sender would send me something more precise I would be greatfull.

The picture of the person that looks like Mr Roy McCampbell is the same as one of his many Facebook pages.


In the questionable screen shot Mr. David Stachura asks a person who’s picture looks very much like Mr. Roy F McCampbell”Did you do it”. Do what? It was sent to me on 3/18/16 at 2:23 PM. The time stamp on the File itself is 2016-03-16 at 3:06.43. This date and its significance has been confusing me for a few days now. Then it hit me like a bag of McCampbell lies. March 16th 2016 was the date that David Stachura, and John Kowalski resigned from the School Board of School District 81. The person who’s picture looks like Roy F McCampbell said yes, with someone named David Stachura then asking who delivered it with the answer being by the McCampbell look alike saying “Bob”. Bob who? The person named David Stachura asked “do you think they will stop looking now?”. Looking for what? This is the main items that have confused me since I received this email, and more so after the coincidence of the dates. The date matching the same day as the resignation letters only opens up the story just a little.

The screen capture was sent to me from and the body of the email suggested the person named David Stachura in the screen shot had his facebook account hacked do to the other guy not paying a bill to have his likes increased. I know what that is referring to, but why would the sender choose that topic of discussion in sending me this questionable email.


On February 17th I wrote a post discussing the false inflation of page likes for the purpose of increasing visibility. (Found here) At the time of that post the excessive taxation page had just over 2400 page likes. As of today March 28th 2016 the Excessive bla bla bla page has 4209 page likes. Schiller Park Pundit, One of Mr. McCampbell’s other pages has 6860 page likes. Almost completely of Indian origins, most likely purchased from a company that is paid for fake page likes.

Seems like bait to me, seems like it is a fake screen shot, or is it? is it really a fake, or some odd correspondence from some other party that the Real David and Roy F have managed to aggravate into action?

None of the parties involved have denied its authenticity, and Perhaps we will never know.

On a side note, let me remind the owner/owners of the Excessive taxation by SD81 page MR, and MRS McCampbell of something that was sent to them back in November, and that a recent post of theirs seems to very closely add to the concerns addressed in the directive shared below.

redacted communication directive_Redacted-c-c-c 2.

Original Post with additional information found here, and my personal thoughts on the subject found here

Is it true that many deceptions and lies are based in some pieces of fact?




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