Not Your Typical Flow of Information

Not your Typical superintendent either, but that’s a story for another day. It is no secret that I am a fan of our School District and it’s staff. There is also good reason for that, and it is a conclusion that has been earned.

As I was about to put the computer down and make a fourth attempt at finishing a movie. I received a Facebook post notification from the Schiller Park School District 81 Facebook Page. Found here if you do not already follow it. 

Please see the link below for a copy of the letter sent by Dr. Boryszewski to all residents of the School District 81 community.

The link leads to another link for a PDF file you can find directly here.

Go take a read and come back when you are done.

As you have hopefully read, the subject is clear – The Kennedy addition project. The first parts of the letter explain what many people at the School’s District offices have explained many times in many forms. The letter briefly discusses the committees and the reasons for such an addition to one of the schools.

The Board expects the District to provide open and transparent communication to the community and I pride myself on our efforts to keep the stakeholders informed.

And proud she should be. The levels of communication as I have said many times have been outstanding. Every opportunity has been given for community participation and every aspect of this project has been reported and shared. Even the not so fun part about permit delays. A mailer was sent out, a community forum was held, meetings are video recorded and posted, minutes are recorded and posted, scheduling is posted days in advance, other residents share posts all over Social Media. If that wasn’t enough do to our busy lives there is a giant sign on the fence on Scott street, and a bulldozer on the lawn. In case you missed those there is still the large pile of dirt, and survey flags all over the property. Hard to miss, but if you have in fact still missed all of that there is the endless complaining by the McToxics of the community that has been going on for some time now.

It has been brought to my attention that some residents believe there was a lack of communication regarding the Kennedy addition.

The flow on information from the School District towards the community has been tremendous, and I have yet to find its equal in regards to building projects like this. The flyer alone is more then most districts have done. What’s the saying “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”? That applies here. You can give out all the information many times a day but it is the responsibility of the people to read the shared information.

Show of hands, who has received mail or information of any type on any of the District 212 additions? No one? Because nothing was sent out. Go to the District 212 Internet address and report back how long it takes you to find information on any of the expansions or renovations completed or planed. Now do the same for School District 81 I still can not find any information on the finished and planned work in District 212, but right there on the front page of is a link to the Kennedy addition information.

I offer my sincere apologies to anyone who feels communication from the District was lacking as it relates to the Kennedy project.

This is a person who has gone out of her way to ensure absolute transparency and full and free disclosure of all information pertaining to this project to every member of this village, yet she is still offering her “sincere apologies”? I personally do not believe anyone is owed an apology. There has been more then 100 opportunities for people to have heard even the slightest tidbit or rumor of this project. Unless you live on the ocean’s floor or just don’t care you have heard of the Kennedy expansion project.

I will use this feedback to improve communication from the District to our stakeholders after all Board Committee meetings.

What is remaining for Dr Boryzewski to do, stop at every house in School District 81’s boundary and personally give every tax payer face to face updates? Because that’s about all that is left. Information is being shared in every possible direction, it is now the responsibility of the pubic to absorb that information and be informed.

Even if Dr Boryzewski knocked on every door in Schiller and Franklin Parks those same few residents that said they didn’t know will simply find another way to complain but for what purpose, and on whos behalf?

In my humble opinion it has to date been a job well done, and no apology necessary.



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