Five People

School board members are elected to sit in trust for their diverse communities, and in that capacity are charged with meeting the community’s expectations and aspirations for the public education of their children; and

School board members are entrusted with the guardianship and wise expenditure of scarce tax dollars, and they are responsible for maintaining and preserving the buildings, grounds, and other areas of the school district that the community has put in their trust; and

School board members are responsible for providing leadership that ensures a clear, shared vision of public education for their schools, that sets high standards for the education of all students, and requires the effective and efficient operation of their districts; and

School board members adopt public policy to give voice to that leadership and employ a superintendent to administer board policy, and are also responsible for the regular monitoring of the district’s performance and compliance with state policy; and

School board members selflessly donate countless hours to public service with no compensation; and

Employers are supportive of their employees who serve as school board members, generously lending support and time; employers give their employees the opportunity to better serve the needs of the school districts and community citizens they represent through sometimes tremendous sacrifice to the employer; and

Decisions made by school board members directly impact the quality of life in their communities, placing them at the front line of American democracy.


These five residents of Schiller Park, (let me remind everyone that they are also tax payers) have decided to accept a position granted them through the process of an election by the people of Schiller Park for the purpose of being advocates for education and defenders of our tax dollars.

They accepted these positions knowing that they will become targets to more then a few people of this and surrounding communities.

They accepted these positions knowing that they would have to make hard choices based on more information then we can ever see or even comprehend, decisions that would both defend, and improve education at the same time respect the tax payers of our town.

They stood up and swore an oath that very few others would even consider because they believed they can help their community.

But now that they are doing the job that they swore an oath to do and advancing education in Schiller Park ten times farther then in the previous two years they are repeatedly attacked.

Education stagnated in Schiller Park for two years under the leadership of David C Stachura, and Patricia Godziszewski. To their credit they were part of the few people willing to stand and take that oath, they just interpreted it very differently. They chose a different path that negatively affected education in Schiller Park, and at the same time negatively affected Schiller Park itself.

The quality of the School District in any town directly affects the image of the town itself. So does the constant and continuous attacks by those with the wrong information, and in some cases the wrong goals.

Stop for a moment and listen to the complaints. Listen to the accusations, and ask yourself if you are willing to blindly listen or take a small bit of initiative and participation in the betterment of your community and get the facts for yourself. Go to the source and find out for yourself that there is no conspiracy to deceive the community, there is just five people who took an oath working together trying to do the best they can for the community.



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