The Illinois Open Meetings Act


A short discussion of the rules.  At least as they pertain to Schiller Park School Board meetings. To include scheduled, committee, special, and emergency ones.

The posting of these meetings, the locations, and the time frames required are governed by the Illinois Open Meetings Act.     5 ILCS 120

A guide to the Open Meetings Act can be found here. A good place to start is Section 7 at the bottom of page 33. But feel free to read the entire document.

The School Board of Schiller Park School District 81 policy covering the same topic can be found here. Section 2:200 starting on page 38. I will additionally share a few images for those who do not want to thumb through the original documents.


If you read through the document you will notice that the local guidelines almost mirror the state level laws governing the posting of meetings and notification to the community of those meetings.

Now as usual please correct me if I am wrong. After reading the Illinois laws governing open meetings, and then reading the Schiller Park School Board’s policy on Meetings and posting of them it looks like School District 81 of Schiller Park has gone one step further then the law requires by also posting the Schedual and agenda of the meetings on their Internet Page linked here.

The School District seems to have taken it even further outside of policy and posted a reminder of this evenings committee meeting on the School’s Facebook Page found here.


Looks and sounds like transparency to me.

What does that mean to me or anyone else that reads this? Probably not much as I feel very strongly that most people, including those that dont think as highly of the School District are aware of the School District’s compliance with the Illinois Open Meetings Act.  And by most I mean everyone but one person.

I also feel safe in my opinion when I say if there was something amiss with the posting of the meetings and the School District’s compliance with the Open Meetings Act it would have had twelve formal complaints, twenty informal complaints, half a dozen or more coherent Facebook posts, and some sort of lawsuit by now.

So rest easy KKG. This is not a conspiracy.


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