The Twilight Zone


“You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop, the Twilight Zone.”


This has truly become a twilight zone moment, or moments. For the record some of you may not want particular people being your spokesperson. This also may end up being a lengthy post so consider yourself forewarned.

This is not a post about personally shaming anyone or making fun of anyone. This is a post about a very serious topic to me, a topic that has hit close to home on more then one occasion. It is the beginning of what happens when the twilight zone meets reality.

Facebook is a fascinating place. It allows all of us to participate socially on a level never before seen by the human race. There are some great aspects of Facebook.

  • Connecting with those who live far away.
  • More social interaction
  • Keeping up-to-date on friends’ lives
  • Opportunity to meet new people
  • Ability to create large social networks
  • Lots of great resources and information
  • It gives everyone a platform

Then there is some of the bad side.

  • Connecting with those you don’t really need to
  • Less face-to-face social interaction
  • Opportunity to lose all privacy
  • Potential to be addictive
  • Overload of information
  • It gives everyone a platform

You may have noticed that the same item is listed in both categories. Something that is both a good, and a bad part of Facebook. It gives everyone a platform, and it is very successful at that aspect. Often it is a platform for change, to sell something, or in my case a platform for sharing information, and a place I can express my opinions. For me this is a positive, but what about the other “platforms”? The people who really should not have one, and have completely taken a dive off of the high board into the shallow end of the pool?

As we have discussed before this greatly depends on what side of the fence you are standing on, or is there more to it? That type of thought is also dependent on a few things. Mostly a difference of opinion is what divides the two sides. What then happens to the person who’s platform preaches their opinions based off of something else all together. like an inability to understand any of the different opinions, or the inability to properly interact with people socially, or to even comprehend what is actually going on in almost all aspects of life. That changes things from a simple opposite sides of a fence concept to something all together different.

It is very well known that I disagree with a few people in Schiller Park almost to an obsessive level. Roy f McCampbell, David Stachura, Patricia Godziszewski, and Kathy Ewanio Janis, to name a small few. We disagree strongly both politically, and personally on more then a few topics, but it is by no means personal. They have a platform from where they can preach their opininons and beliefs also. My side of the fence thinks they are very wrong, and very destructive to this community, but I am sure their side of the fence feels the same way of me.

What if that proverbial fence has a third side? An imaginary side that doesn’t exist in any known reality, Its a bit Like the twilight zone.

Why do I call it the twilight zone? The particular posts I am talking about are truly from another dimension, a dimension of the mind (A mind that I am incidentally very worried about). To read the Facebook posts I am referring to is a journey into a wondrous and terrifying land whose boundaries are that of imagination. An imagination rivaling the greatest of fantasy novels (if you can decipher the text). Coincidentally an imagination that seems to be unraveling.
This persons platform is of great concern to me. Not the subject matter of the individuals posts, but the way they are formed. It is like the uninhibited flow of a confused mind onto digital paper. It is confusing yet intriguing to read. The flow and format of the words should be a case study, and an example of what not to do, or how not to interact with people.

Examples: I don’t even want to approach the subject of David C Stachura responding to KKG while ignoring the entire community for many months.




Just to try and be as clear as possible the above screen capture is suposed to be the response from David Stachura to KKG. The next screen capture was posted by KKG and appears to be the actual response from former School Board member David Stachura


This was sent to me by another of the many concerned residents 

We should not only focus on the difference in his response when compared to her version of it, but also on the structure, and flow of the way it is written. It should be of concern to all of us that an individual that did not write this way during the couple political campaigns now does.

Then we have an example of imagined events, communications, or activities that present themselves in a manner that should also cause great concern like the difference in email versions posted above. A perceived importance beyond family that increases the arrogance to a point that becomes increasingly difficult to maintain.


This is a small taste of what happens when the “twilight zone” starts to meet reality head on and it often ends with a grand explosion of personal self distruction that no one wants to see happen.

I am not a medical professional and only express my opinion based off of the real concern I have for this community. Please be cautious in your interactions with those on the verge, and be aware that what is shared as truth is very possibly not.





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