MWRD and Schiller Park

How Friendly is the MWRD and Schiller Park? And what is that friendship doing to the construction of the Kennedy expansion? This is a subject that does not matter if you agree with the expansion or not. This is a situation that could be a prime example of bad government playing games to get what they desire.

MWRD – Metropolitan Water Reclimation District.

The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD), originally known as the Sanitary District of Chicago is a special-purpose district, chartered to operate in northern Illinois since 1889. Although its name may imply otherwise, it is not a part of the City of Chicago’s local government, but an independent agency of state government with an elected Board of Commissioners. MWRDGC’s main purpose is the reclamation and treatment of wastewater and flood water abatement in Cook County to protect the health and safety of citizens and of area waterways. Perhaps its most notable achievement is the reversal of the flow of the Chicago River in 1900.

As stated above it has an elected Board of commissioners.


  • Mariyana Spyropoulos – President
  • Barbara J Mcgowan – Vice President
  • Frank Avila – Director of Finance
  • Michael A Alvarez – Commitioner
  • Timothy Bradford – Commitioner
  • Cynthia M Santos – Commitioner
  • Debra Shore – Commitioner
  • Kari K Steel – Commitioner
  • David J Walsh – Commitioner

Original page found here

This is a list of the people who are in charge of the departments of the MWRD. One of those departments deals with the issuing of permits.

I have heard from more then a few citizens that this sort of delay in the issuing of a permit for the MWRD is not the norm. They have told me they feel something else must be going on. What could possibly be going on?

I posted earlier about the rumor of one John Zalud from the Village of Schiller Park being at fault for the delay. This started the endless searching for proof of such a rumor. But did I find anything?

Maybe not about MR Zalud specifically but other oddities.

Like the owner of the Village of Schiller Parks Acounting/auditor firm GW & Associates PC, one David A Gonzalez. You might recognize the name because he is the Mayor of Chicago Heights.


How about Frank Avila, recognize that name?


He (or his son) is the listed agent for the -Illinois Committee For Honest Government-. Don’t recognize that name? Take a look at the paid for by above the address.


Why would a Commissioner or his son pay for mailers for a Schiller Park political party running on the Mayor of Schiller Parks party?


I’m sure you recognize the name from the above list of MWRD Commitioners. Particularly the director of finance, or possibly his son Frank B Avila.  Same family, interesting coincidence.

Additionally Frank B, the son of Frank M on MWRD was reported to have been at Kennedy School during the April election presumably participating in talking to people as they walked in to vote. I can not confirm this of course but find this interesting.

If you look at the list of Commitioners for the MWRD you will see a Cynthia M Santos, and again Frank Avila. Here is a picture of them presenting an award to our Mayor Barbara Piltaver.


left to right we have Frank Avila, Mayor Barbara Piltaver, Cynthia Santos, and Patrick D Thompson

Do you want to know what else they have in common with all the people listed above? An organization named the Carlisle Group Action Committee, or Carlisle Group LLC.

Who is Carlisle Group Action Committee? What is their purpose? How are they connected to Schiller Park?

Well to start the Carlisle Group Action Committee maintains a Schiller Park PO Box (PoBox 2002, Schiller Park Illinois). Have they contributed to Schiller Park politics directly? Not that I have found yet, but indirectly?

An organization that has a Schiller Park PO Box has donated a total of 53,260.00 to the Cynthia Santos Campain for MWRD Commitioner.


Mayor of Chicago heights David A Gonzalez (owner of Schiller Parks Auditing firm GW & Associates) has received a few thousand from the group.


One other local organization that has received money donations from Carlisle Group Action committee or Carlisle Group LLC is the Leyden Township Leadership Fund under Paul Marnell.


In turn we see Donations from the Leyden Township Democratic Organization giving money to the Cynthia Santos campaign and receiving money for services rendered from the Michael Alvarez, and Barbar McGowen Campain. All three of the last names are current Commisioners of the MWRD.


Why would MWRD campaigns need services from a Leyden Township Political Group?  I can’t answer that, but what I will be happy to say is that something very fishy is going on here. It stinks like politics, and we all know what politics does to School Systems. See Chicago Public School System for details.

Stand up and tell your Mayor to fix this. Tell her to STOP messing around with the future of education in Schiller Park, and use her “connections” to get this straitened out. This is all assuming of course it is not her doing in some way.

Much more to come.



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