The Saga Continues

A post I made yesterday Needed a few corrections. There is still a group that was maintaining a Schiller Park PO Box that has contributed more then 50,000 to the campaign of a current MWRD commissioner.


This is just one snippet of one donation. Some more can be seen on yesterday’s post

Yesterday I also posted about another Group. The Carlisle Group of Illinois LLC. I made an assumption that they are one in the same, and that still may be correct, but assumptions are not something I should do. The Illinois LLC version at least as far as the state reports is a different organization. We still have the Schiller Park version donating 10s of thousands to an MWRD campaign, but the Carlise Group of Illinois LLC version is registered to a different person. Some information on my mistakes was sent to me last night and I am happy to correct.

Carlisle Group Illinois LLC


Agent name of Charles J Schneider. If you click on View MBR under management you will get the following.


LLC Members. Joseph Koltarz. Who is Joseph Kotlars?

Well that starts with a little bit of a love story as reported by the Tribune on June 11 of 1994

Heather Starsiak, Joseph Kotlarz
Dr. and Mrs. Drew Starsiak of La Grange announce the engagement of their daughter, Heather Ann, to Joseph S. Kotlarz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kotlarz of Williams Bay, Wis.
The future bride is a student at the University of Illinois-Chicago.
Her father is superintendent of schools for Schiller Park. (PS this was at the same time as Roy F McCampbells time on the School Board) Her mother is an administrative assistant in Chicago.
The future bridegroom has a bachelor’s degree from DePaul University and a law degree from John Marshall Law School. He is a former Chicago alderman and is currently a ward committeeman and state representative.
His father is a retired supervisor for the Chicago Police Department. His mother is a homemaker.
A July wedding is planned.


In 1997 Joseph S. Kotlarz, former state representative and 35th Ward Ald is conviction of theft by deception of an amount exceeding $100,000 (720 ILCS 5/16-1 (West 1992)), for which he was sentenced to serve four years’ probation, 180 days in the Du Page County jail, 400 hours of community service, and to pay restitution of $190,000. The case was appealed in 2000.

On March 19th of 2000 the tribune posted another article, this time about Heather Koltarz. 26 year old wife of a disgraced politician Joseph Koltarz. She denied wrongdoing in bidding on City of Chicago contracts under a set-aside program for women and minorities. Check out the article for the rest of the details.

What does any of that have to do with Schiller Park?  Look at the campaign donations of the Carlisle Group of Illinois LLC again.


That is the same campaign for the David Gonzalez I spoke about yesterday. You know, the mayor of Chicago Heights and owner of Schiller Parks Auditors GW & Associates. 2000 isn’t much, but according to the Illinois Campaign for Politica Reform one of only two donations by this group.  It’s a stretch of the imagination but maybe it’s more?

How else does the name Kotlarz relate to Schiller Park?

Other then the political donations group indirectly contributing to Schiller Park his Father in Law Drew Starziac was superintendent of Schiller Park Schools as said above at the same time as Mr Roy F McCampbell. I’ll leave what that means to your imagination.

Also take a look at the Lawer/Prepairer for a few properties that recieved large tax breaks.


If you are not familiar with this property maybe this will help.



The other property I mentioned above.


At Least two commercial properties with large tax decreases appealed by Joseph Kotlarz.

Lets take a look at some other small campaign contributions, like The New Village Vision Party


Two donations of note. 1 Thomas Grusecki, and Top Quality Hardwood Flooring. We will come back to Mr Grusecki in a while.

Top Quality Hardwood Flooring –


Notice the address? 3900 River Rd, Schiller Park, Il. The same address as the first property above re-assessed in 2015 with the help of Joseph Kotlarz of the Carlisle Group of Illinois tht is possibly the same company as Carlisle Group Action Committee of Schiller Park, who donated 10s of thousands to An MWRD campaign. The Carlisle Group of Illinois  donated mostly to the Mayor of Chicago Heights who is the owner of Schiller Parks Auditor firm GW & Associates. The address belonging to a company (Top Quality Hardwood Flooring) who also donated to the New Village Vission Party and was granted recent property tax breaks. Then we have the donations of mailers to the New Village Vission Party by Frank B Avila son of Frank M Avila of the MWRD through the Illinois Committee for Honest Government.

Now let’s just move over to Thomas Grusecki. Could it be the same Thomas D. Grusecki, President & Chief Executive Officer of Northern Builders of Schiller Park? It’s not a huge deal that he made political donations. Not a big deal for any of the people above either, but it is more then just a coincidence that all the people that have made donations to Schiller park in one way or another all relate back to Mayor Piltaver and the people that ran for trustee under her. With substantial connections to the MWRD. You remember, the organization that has taken an unusually long time to finalize permits for the Kennedy School Construction project.

So would it make sense to think that people in Schiller park who may not agree with the expansion project may be able to slow it down a bit if they were so inclined?

Maybe someone should ask the mayor and the Board of Trustees why they think of all the Campaign connections that stink more then a little.

Something to think about before tonight’s village Board meeting, Much more to come.


Tank you everyone again for the directions to look. None of this would be possible without the people in the community who are willing to help out in even the smallest of ways.


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