Unintelligible, Expressive, Irelivent

Unintelligible, Expressive, irelivent, and in that order.

The following is a link to the recording of a recent Schiller Park Village Board Meeting.

From the first speaker to the time mark of about nineteen minutes and thirty seconds. The best way I can describe the speakers in the time frame is expressive, and intelligent wrapped in a lot of what the hell.


The First speaker discussed…… I’m not sure yet, and I will get back to you. I was there and it didn’t make sense. Maybe I will get back to you, if I can figure it out, maybe not. This is why I have removed her from all things Facebook. The endless angry gibbering about nothing.

The Second speaker Jennifer Yarnell spoke very precisely, expressed concerns regarding the future lollipop club. Clearly said, and I concur. She spoke in a constructive and informative manner that expressed her concerns regarding the future of that property, and the effect it may have on the community and nearby school.


The third speaker who seemingly has connections to Lisa Madigan’s office yelled about how she was going to have the Attorney General’s office investigate the village for the last ten years, missing money, and a few other loud thoughts. I wish her the best of luck in her efforts. Maybe it’s about time for an investigation, but something tells me this is not the person to initiate such an investigation. After some of the recent easily found information you can really start to put together a solid feeling of “something just isn’t right”, and can someone please ask her to stop yelling.

The twilight zone, and the yeller spoke again at the end.

Thank you again to the person who records these meetings. This is something the village should do on their own, but for some reason will not.




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