Your Right To Know


Or is it? To what extent?

Is it his right to know my identity? Is it his right to use a public system of government to discover my identity? Yes it is his right to public records, and I can imagine to what end doesn’t matter when a request like this is being completed by this School District, but when does it become abusive of a system put in place to keep government honest?

The fixation on my identity still stuns me. Many are curious, a few are obsessed, and most care not one bit. What separates one from the next?


The above request was recieved on 3/28/2016 and the details can be found here.

I have no doubt that School District 81 has fulfilled all aspects of this request that fall under F.O.I.A. law, and rightly so, but what purpose does the requester have with IP addresses, and computer records of this sort?

I think it is a little more then obvious that the requester is trying to pinpoint my identity. This is futile to say the least as even if I was an employee of Schiller Park’s School District 81 I would not use an assigned electronic device for the purposes of disseminating my personal opinions. I also was unaware that my identity constituted some sort of violation of the public trust.

So then if he was to assume that we are more intelligent then to do such a thing, what could be his reason for the request? his own words below

That I request a waiver of all fees associated with this request as the principal purpose of this request is to access and disseminate information regarding the health, safety, welfare and the legal rights of the general public and is not for the principal purpose of personal or commercial benefit.

“to access and disseminate information regarding the health, safety, welfare and the legal rights of the general public” is my identity, the reading of this blog, or the use of the name James J Tompson so dangerous that the requester feels the need to to use health, safety, and welfare of the general public as a reason? The requester can not believe that I am a threat to anyone’s health, safety, or welfare. Or is he attempting to acomplish something else completely.

How about the idea that the requester might be using the F.O.I.A. system to intimidate, and if so to intimidate whom? The idea of using the F.O.I.A. System to intimidate is not a large stretch of the imagination.  It’s very official, and to someone who has never utilized the system it may seem large and very governmental.

Is he trying to intimidate me? I can assure you it is a waste of time, so who then? The Teachers and Staff of School District 81? The School Board of School District 81?

Maybe the requester is trying to get us to stop blogging by thinking he is on our trail? Please by all means, but I can assure you that you are not even in the right state.

To me it means I am bothering someone, and I have felt that those bothered by this blog have the most to hide. The requester does not reside in Schiller Park, and I do not believe the requester even resides within School District 81’s boarders, so then why the interest? I have written very little about this individual, and even less about his antics in Franklin Park.

More questions we are not likely to know the answers to very soon, but I will offer this information to the requester. James J Tompson just might be more then one person and we try to speak for many.

Legs I have got, yet seldom do I walk;
I backbite many, yet I never talk:
In secret places most I seek to hide me,
For he who feeds me never can abide me

– Anonymous Americas



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