Destructive Parental Advocacy

It is a sad set of circumstances that continue to bring posts like this into existence. A subject that is increasingly disturbing and yet must remain very private in a manner of speaking. A subject we have discussed many times in the past.

If you do a Google interwebs search on Parental Advocacy that does more damage then good, or any variant of that sentence you will not find to many examples of the “destruction” we can find in our very own little town. I am quite sure there are many, but they are not the topic of choice. No one wants to talk about Parents who have done irreparable damage to their children’s education, but the fact remains that it does happen. One of the worst examples I can possibly imagine could be happening right under our noses here in Schiller Park.

Before we get to that let us recap some key attributes to the adult individuals that will be front and center to this topic, and furure posts.

The use of lies and misinformation is not a new tactic to either of these two. They use an attempt at “charisma” and “charm” to win people over to their side. They want people to believe in them, and support them in their endevour to advocate for their child’s life. They need people to hold them up on a pedestal in order for them to continue to convince themselves that what they are doing is for their child’s good. Without this solicited communal support based off of half information these parents would simply crumble under the weight of what they might be doing to their child, or at least any normal parent would. They appear to prey on the unsuspecting and unknowing, and never stop to ask themselves if what they are doing is working against of for the future of those same two children.

This is again all just opinion based off of the things that we see during public interactions with the parents, and realizations we have come to on our own, but how can any rational person not come to the same conclusion when the details are presented to them. How can anyone who has even the slightest grasp on reality not see the entire package for what it is? An unprecedented collaboration between two individuals to collaterally through their own self absorbed actions destroy the life of a child for the sole purpose of being in control, all the while blaming a School District that by all accounts has been harassed and abused in retaliation for every good thing they have tried to do for these children and in this case this child. How much has the relentless attacks by this one family taken away from every other child in Schiller Park School District 81? How many untold thousands of dollars have been spent in defense of the seemingly endless and unfounded acusations directed at the District and the staff of School District 81 by one Set of parents?

The story begins and ends with lies. Lies stacked on top of lies, followed up with lies, and concluded with more lies. Just a pinch of truth to add a touch of credibility.

One good example of the blatant attempt at using deceit to persuade other into sympathetic reactions was posted by a parent to a public Facebook community page created and maintained by at least one of the parents on April 16th at 7:57am.


To someone who has not tirelessly dug into fact/fiction situations trying to piece together some sort of truth out of this mess, this could be taken as an additional travesty to the rights of a child and the family advocating for that child. What is the actual truth behind the comment, and what does this truth do to the rest of the comments made by the same parents? Would it change your opinion on the honesty of the people making the comments?

My point being that a very fast search of a very popular social media video sharing service like YouTube would show that the pictured comment above is in fact almost completely untrue. The Fact being that someone who searched for the video posted on the husband’s very own YouTube channel is that the child in question has in fact been a member of the band or chorus of Lincoln Middle School in 2013 and performed in the Christmas chorus of that year.


As of this post’s date this video was publicly shared on YouTube for any member of the public to search for and view. It will most likely be removed by the poster in an attempt to hide missdeeds, but copies were saved for my own protection of the truth.

Sure it’s a small thing when it stands alone but added to the continuing and endless lies perpetuated by the same two people it just adds to the ever increasing bigger picture.

My point is this, what questions do these blatant lies bring to the surface about the validity of everything else said by these two adults. What does this new lie in the pile of lies do to all the other accusations and comments made publicly by these two individuals? From what I know the system that is in place in the state of Illinois is generally designed with the defense and protection of the children first and foremost. Is the system perfect? Not from what I hear, but with all these continued accusations by the same two people wouldn’t something have been done by now? Maybe not if the accusations are unfounded, and with the continued lies being presented publicly about their children’s education you have to ask yourself what, if any of these comments are even remote true, and what is the parents motivation?

I am sad to say that I believe there will be much more to report on this subject in the future.

I want to add an additional disclaimer: Although I have made every attempt to keep any mention of a child’s name from this or any future or past posts on the subject, all of the information written above and in future posts was found on public Facebook Community Pages created and posted by the parents, and YouTube accounts created by the parents that required no membership, and have been open for all to see at any time, since their creation. The Adults in this situation make no attempt to hide the personal details of either of their two children’s education, and have practiced this type of shamfull sharing for many years. This sort of behavior has contributed greatly to my personal opinions on the subject, and my additional opinions as to the actual reasons behind such Destructive Parental Advocacy.





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