Missed Educational Opportunities


I was recently reading an older article on TribLive written by Kellie B. Gormly (found here) One of the points in the article really stuck with me.

• Don’t demand benefits for your child to the detriment of other children’s needs.

This really stuck with me, and I really cant stop thinking about it.

What has the actions of one family cost every other child in School District 81? More specifically what has the actions of one family cost all the rest of the special education students of Schiller Park School District 81? In monetary terms tens of thousands would probably be a severe understatement. Hundreds of thousands would most likely be more accurate. Can we calculate the educational opportunities lost do to the turmoil surrounding these two people? No matter the price the cost was to high.

We are talking about time in these children’s lives they can never get back. Lost opportunities that will never again be realized. What these two have done should be a crime, and some day maybe it will be, but for now it is up to us to stay informed and educated. We have to be the defenders of our children and grand children. We have to advocate not just for the rights of our own, but for the rights of all children. We have to use the examples of two very destructive adults as what not to do, and learn from the examples of destruction they have perpetrated on Schiller Park School District 81. We have to look at the source of accusations and complaints a little closer, and use that information to appropriately place the venom they speak into the correct category.

Lets recap a post from back in 2014 to restart the flow of reality with one of the individuals we are dealing with. Original post found here. Please keep in mind this is only scratching the surface.

Numerous rumors and untruths have been continuously circulated and posted regarding this very politically active individual.

It is time to set the record straight.

These FACTS: are verified and proven through news articles, court documents, F.O.I.A. requests, his own blog, and resignation letters. Much of this information was taken from the Indictment filed against him. Some of the following “FACTs” are accusations by the states attorneys office, and part of an IndictmentIn the United States of America everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

FACT: McCampbell took advantage of misguided trust and breached every fiduciary duty in drafting and manipulating his employment contracts obtaining benefits never openly disclosed or knowingly authorised.

FACT: McCampbell took measures to cover up his actions and those of his administrative assistant and ultimately just blatantly stole compensation.

FACT: McCampbell, is credited with putting Bellwood Illinois in almost 100 million in debt.

FACT: McCampbell bullied insurance benefits that were never authorized or permitted, and $100,000 in insurance compensation between 2008-2009

FACT: McCampbell stole $20,000 in compensation in 2008

FACT: McCampbell stole $36,000 in compensation in 2009

FACT:  McCampbell Authorized over $400,000 for his administrative assistant’s loyalty and cooperation between 2006-2009

FACT:  McCampbell admitted to taking advantage of the village and actively covered up his true pay.

FACTS: The Defendant ROY F MCCAMPBELL is charged by Grand Jury Indictment with the felony offenses of 720 ILCS 5/16-1

  1. (Theft from Government in excess of $100,000, Class 1 felony),
  2. (Theft in excess of $500,000, non- probationable Class 1 felony).
  3. (Theft from Government in excess of $10,000, Class 1 felony),
  4. (Theft from Government in of $500, Class 3 felony)
  5. 720 ILCS 5/33-3 (Official Misconduct, CIBSS 3 felony)

FACT: Bellwood, Illinois filed a complaint in Cook County circuit court accusing Roy F. McCampbell of running village finances into the ground as he had control of the budget between 2005 and 2009 as comptroller, public safety director and corporation counsel. He was paid more than $1.5 million over this period, ending 2009 with a salary of $449,312.

FACT: “Defendant acted with reckless disregard for the rights and interests of the village in the performance of his duties while a village employee,” the sworn complaint stated. “As a result of his willful, wanton, and/or reckless conduct, the village suffered economic and non-economic damages.”

FACT: McCampbell’s child was dismissed from his school due to abuse of the staff by him and his wife. — information discovered from a currently deleted blog post by McCampbell himself (here)

FACT: McCampbell has filed many unsubstantiated complaints against the school district and its staff, and continues to do so. (more on this in future blog posts)

FACT: McCampbell has stalked teachers and staff on repeated occasions. Including people that have already resigned.

FACT: McCampbells repeated unsubstantiated complaints, and delaying tactics have cost this town and its tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

FACT: McCampbell has used his knowledge as a lawyer to intimidate residents who stand up and defend their children’s education.

FACT: McCampbell has made regular and continuous unfounded accusations against members, and employes of this community with various state organizations.

FACT: McCampbell still practices law despite his ethical breaches while employed by the village of Bellwood

FACT: ROY F McCAMPBELL has stated his intention on running for school board of School District 81 on the April 2015 ballot. Is this the type of man anyone would want having a say in how are tax dollars are spent, or how your children are educated?

I am a bit perplexed and saddened that this individual has the nerve to actually ask for peoples votes!

In subsequent blog articles I am going to explore each of these FACTS more in depth.  We all have a right to differ in our opinion with others.   We need to respect this right of differences of opinion and approach it in a civil manner, but also respect the interests of the constituants in this community and know when to step back.

OPINION: McCampbell has many people tricked into thinking he is doing honorable work  Examples:

  1. Roy, your colleagues, friends and your family know who and what you are. All others matter not one bit, they are merely petty and jealous (and who could blame them). The only way they can be big is to stand on your shoulders. Let them spin their lies, they deceive no one but themselves.
  2. Way to go Roy, tell it as it is…..

OPINION: McCampbell has an unnatural fear of potholes, radon, landfills, and honest people.


Please educate yourself with who you are listening to before you believe everything they are saying.

So much more to come







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