The Rumors


The rumor beast rears its ugly head, In honor of some of the more recent ones, I would like to share a few very valuable posts from this blogs past.

Man runs for school board while faceing eight felony counts of theft and four felony counts of official misconduct?

McCampbell Getting 21,000 a month pension

In the news again

Do they have no shame?

Let us not forget this gem – Directive Breakdown

here is the entire breakdown of anything relating to the subject of some of the recent rumors – LInks

You might also notice a few other commonly occurring names in all of those posts.

What is the deal with rumors like the ones that many of us have heard again? We are all very aware of Roy F McCampbell, and his “alleged” past less then honest activities. A grand jury indictment accuses him of stealing more than $500,000 from the west suburban village of Bellwood, in part by manipulating his employment contracts and deceiving the Village Board about them. Why do people openly align themselves with him? Why did Patricia Godziszewski so directly and openly defend him?

Patricia Godziszewski always has been an advocate of Roy F McCampbell (again an individual who is under indictment for theft and official misconduct), and consistently voted in favor of anything related to Mr McCampbell, she has supported his complaints and accusations since the beginning. She was consistently hostile, and evasive with respect to answering questions directed at her during board meetings. She was regularly unprepared as the Vice President of the Board, and has displayed great contempt for the teachers and staff of School District 81. She was the co-author of the very unprofessional and “private” letter written to the school board legal council in regard to her and Mr Stachura’s disapproval of the very competent and capable superintendent.

Patricia Godziszewski was one of the driving forces behind the hiring of a long ago replaced law firm that represented Schiller Park School District 81. A law firm that has had some bad press as far as the representation of other school boards, and has had questionable connections to Mr McCampbell from the beginning. Even with all the questions to that subject being asked of Patricia Godziszewski by her fellow board members the law firm was voted in. As it turns out that was the begining of what became one of the most costly legal eras in the School District’s history. With legal fees skyrocketing, and what one could only refer to as bad legal advice, Patricia Godziszewski played her part in costing the tax payers of this community 100s of thousands of dollars. The law firm resigned on the eve of their removal by the School Board members who had had regained a majority vote on the topic, and that same resignation letter was released by Mr McCampbell shortly before that Board meeting ever took place. When it was released by Mr McCampbell, to the best of my knowledge it was not yet public information.

So not to feed the rumor beast more then it should, let’s keep these two names fresh in our minds as we move closer to the upcoming election season.




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